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COVID-19 First Dose of Vaccine and Blood Sugar Control


Hi everyone. I wanted to let you know that yesterday ( 2-17-2021) I had gotten my first dose for the COVID-19 vaccine! I was seen with 11 other people that had been scheduled for yesterday morning and all 12 of us are scheduled for the second dose on 3-17-2021.

When I had gotten to the Pharmacy where I was scheduled to be given the vaccine, there was a mini class to explain what was needed to be done before and after being given the vaccine. The appointment was scheduled for 10:15 am, but by the time they did the explanations and what was necessary, they gave me my dose around 10:37 am. When the Pharmacist's Nurse did the vaccine, I asked what else can be used for pain/side effects so I wouldn't have to use Tylenol ( I haven't used it for 5.5 years now). Her answer was use Ibuprofen. So, I took the Ibuprofen before going to bed last night and I was doing great when sleeping. I may have to take my second dose of Ibuprofen tonight since the arm is slightly sore, but I can move it without having extreme pain. I took a nap in the car during the afternoon when my parents were driving back home from the Pharmacy ( my mom also got her first dose in the afternoon).

With this vaccine, so far, I didn't have the blood sugars going extremely high like I had when I had a flu shot a few years ago. I didn't do any fast acting insulin for most of the day until dinner time. So, when I had gotten the vaccine in the morning, the only insulin that had been in the system was from the nighttime dose of the long acting insulin. If this is possible, I may do exactly the same as I had done and don't do any insulin the day of my next dose for the COVID-19 vaccine. This of course, depends on what the blood sugars are before I go get the next dose for the vaccine on 3-17-2021. If the numbers are exactly like they were this time, then no insulin will be done that morning. If they are higher than normal, then I will do a very small amount of insulin and see what the numbers will be after the second dose of vaccine.

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Hey nice one Leah, I had mine the day after you and had the Oxford/AZ vaccine. It’s great how the vaccine is being rolled out.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

That's right! The other thing is, in certain states, the way they have everyone come to sign up and then get the vaccine has been organized. My Uncle and Aunt got their vaccines and my Uncle complained that someone else in line started a fight and the Pharmacy's Staff had to tell the other person to leave. The next time they gave out the vaccine, there was more unity and no fights. Compare that to when I went, the one I went to was set up like a movie theater where chairs were roped off and not next to each other for 12 people to sit and wait their turn when a Nurse came to each person and asked which arm you wanted the vaccine to be given in at the time. More friendliness and no fights/people turned away because they just jump the line/standing too close. :-)

JerryGuest in reply to Activity2004

I’m glad it was friendly as we’re all in this together!I only had to go 1 mile to my local town and had made an appt on line and there was one person in front of me, mine was an anti climax as it was so little effort.

The main thing is we are helping each other getting the vaccine and everyone should remember this. 🌈😊

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

That's right! One big team to do the same thing for everyone. :-)

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