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I’m fasting at the moment- so not eating from sunrise till sunset. Hypos I’m fine with because the day is short the fast flies by. But I just don’t understand one thing, why do my sugars go higher as the day progresses instead of going lower because I’m not eating? If anything I’d expect my sugars to go lower as the day goes by

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Hi SID123 if your body doesn’t produce enough insulin your blood sugar levels will rise even though you’re fasting. So good luck.

SID123 in reply to Jerry

So everyday this could happen basically? I’d not eat but my sugars would rise? Why won’t I get a hypo

Activity2004Administrator in reply to SID123

Can you call the doctor and let them know what you told us?

Jerry in reply to SID123

Hi there it’s how our hormones can react, here’s an

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