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Vascular calcification



In short I’ve seen lots of people about walking, or lack of. Podiatrist suspected Morton’s neuromas in both feet or a fracture - so ordered an X Ray. I’m type 1, epileptic, coeliac, have thyroid disease, dupytens disease and carpal tunnel. I’m only 51. The results came back today with the usual mild arthritis and vascular calcification? I take calcium and vitamin D on prescription as the coeliac was undiagnosed for years. Anyone heard of this? The article on the net aren’t very user friendly and the Dr is doing a call back but I’m not sure when. Been type 1 for 44 years. Ju

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Hello Winger65 it took a long time for me to be diagnosed with coeliac as I had symptoms as a child.

The most important thing for you to do is to have a gluten free diet and as healthy as possible.

We have a Gluten free Topic section on HE with well over 500 posts, please see:

I also know that you want to have sufficient magnesium to absorb calcium and vitamin D so thats worth looking into.

The healthier that you eat the better thats what I feel and I can't help on your other issues I'm afraid and I'm not diabetic. 😊

Winger65 in reply to Jerry

Thank you. I’m ok on the coeliac side of things, just wondered about the bone/feet problems now. I span too many groups unfortunately. Luckily my epilepsy isn’t a problem now. Thanks for the reply though, I’ll ask about magnesium 😉

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Winger65

Hi Winger65,

Here's the link for the DRWF's free leaflets on Diabetes and Feet. All the leaflets are free to read/listen to and download anytime. Please see:

I have to take steroids for my polymyalgia rheumatica and they cause loss of bone density so I take vitamin d3 and calcium. I also take vitamin k2 which sends the calcium to the bones rather than the veins. I wonder if this would help for you

Winger65 in reply to Koalajane

Thanks I’ll ask. Just came up ‘vascular calcification’ on the x Ray and said ‘abnormal but expected.’

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