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Diabetic snack ideas


Hey. What are good snacks to eat so that you don’t go too low after taking tablets? Any suggestions??

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Hi philipb125,

Are you allergic to any foods/drinks? What medications are you currently taking right now? When was your last appointment with your doctor? Did they give you a list of snack ideas?

No not allergic as far as I know! I’m taking metformin and Gliclazide. Last was last week. No I haven’t been given anything like that.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to philipb125

Okay. Do you like Greek yogurt?

Here are two links from the Healthy Eating group for Healthy Snacks healthunlocked.com/healthye... and Low Carb. Meals healthunlocked.com/healthye...

You will have to click Join for the group if you want to comment/add a posting/view postings of what the other members had written for more ideas. Hope this helps. :-)

Thanks a lot for your help. I will have a look at both of these groups

Activity2004Administrator in reply to philipb125

You’re welcome! Anytime!😀👍🌈

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