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Hi I'm marnie and I've had diabetes for nearly 27 years since the age of 6 I took up to 8 injections a day but for the past two years I've been on an insulin pump I have two kids with illnesses my daughter who's 2 has laryngomalacia and had an operation last year to help her breathing my son is 6 and 3 days ago was diagnosed with lupus I have other health problems mostly to do with diabetes

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  • Hi Marnie, Kev here, father to a 15yo who has Type 1, also on an insulin pump and often using DexcomG4 CGM....and Nightscout

  • Hi key I'm not sure what this is? I hope your son is well

  • Hi Marnie, my daughter is doing pretty well thanks. Which bit would you like me to explain?

  • Hi kev thw DexComg4 and nightscout? I'm confused what that is sorry

  • Dexcom G4 is a CGM, a continuous glucose monitor which gives a reading of her glucose level every 5 minutes.

    The Nightscout bit takes her CGM reading and send it to The Cloud so I can get alarms on my watch if she is going hypo or hyper throughout the night. It makes her sleep easier knowing she's safe

  • Yeah I was told when I went on the pump I could pay to have this into my pump but they didn't say what it was called that's a great idea I wish they had this when I was diagnosed at age 6 as I didn't get much sleep get you get this from the nhs?

  • We self fund our cgm, unlike some others we don't get it from the NHS

  • How long has your daughter been using the DEXCOM G4 system? I've had my G4 for almost 7 months. I had to get a new transmitter sent by DEXCOM. It was time to replace the old one.

  • She's used it since June 2014, not all the time as we can't afford that, even though we get at least 2 or 3 weeks out of a sensor. Or last transmitter lasted 14 months.

    We've been using Nightscout with a home built xDrip since January 2015

  • What is a home built x drip?

  • Hopefully this blog article of mine might explain it bit.ly/xdripkev

  • I'm going to check the website very soon. Thank you for posting it.

  • Hi Marnie83, do you keep your carbohydrate intake to about 40 grammes per meal diabetes.org.uk/documents/c... ?

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