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Interesting Week: DEXCOM

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Sorry for the delay in typing this up today.

This is the update about last week's sensor and how it was behaving.

During last week and part of this week, the old sensor that got removed was acting up with the numbers going up and down and sometimes, disappearing for different time periods. This was very irritating because you never knew if the numbers that got on the receiver were correct. It was also adding unnecessary stress to what didn't have to be a stressful day.

Last night before bed, I had two Greek yogurts and a 30 gram protein bar as a snack. That was a good thing because the numbers were going down before bedtime and then again this morning at 4:03 am I was woken up by the alarm going off on the receiver saying that I was 74 with two arrows straight down when I was 123 mg/dl. The bad part was, when the arrows are straight up or down, you aren't able to calibrate. So, I had a mini snack and then went back to sleep for a few more hours before my regular wake up time and breakfast hour.

Well, more news to come soon. Stay safe and keep and eye on this page for more information.:-)

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Hi Leah I am so sorry about this as it does sound stressful and not knowing of the figures are correct with the alarm going off just after 4am is tiresome as well.

I hope that the sensor settles down and you have a better week and with a bit of luck can have an afternoon nap.

So good luck and you stay safe and well now, πŸŒˆπŸ‘πŸ˜€

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Hi Jerry,

Thank you for saying this. Each sensor is different and some weeks are better than others, so it's how the sensors are made.

The sensor that I'm using now is doing okay, so far. :-) Yesterday evening, I had a Greek yogurt and a bar before bedtime since the numbers were going back down. It's odd since I had white rice for a quiche's crust with pumpkin spice pudding for dinner. White rice usually makes the numbers go over 300 for me, but not last night into this morning. Very interesting! :-)

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