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New Sensor Tuesday Night: DEXCOM


Since there were some issues that started last night, I had called today and I will be getting a free new sensor in 3-5 business days. I have to do the calibrations around 10:20 pm tonight. This should be interesting.

The old sensor kept giving inaccurate information on and off during the day. It alarmed this morning with a false low (57 (no arrow) mg/dl) when I was 184 mg/dl on my test monitor at 6:15 am. My numbers were in the 200’s and the receiver was saying that I was over 400 mg/dl!😩 Very odd!

I will see what happens when I get the new sensor’s calibrations taken care of tonight.😀👍

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Hi Leah, good luck with your new sensor and stay safe now. 😊

in reply to Jerry

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for the reply.

The alarm went off today and I had a snack before breakfast this morning. Not too early, so that’s okay. The number was 86 mg/dl on the monitor and 79-> on the receiver!😀👍

Very bad experience now you got new is good

in reply to moaez

Yes, the new sensor is doing okay so far.😀👍

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