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In reference to shielding/isolating


Just been on page and the list of vulnerable people no longer listed are diabetics as needing to isolate! I'm very confused.

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I noticed this and the list (and everything else) seems to change so often

I know.. Apparently, we should be personally notified from tomorrow, if we're included!

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In the USA, we are told if we have any type of pre-existing condition, we are to self isolate until further notice.

I personally have joined the Positive Wellbeing Self Isolating group on HU. Click on the link and then click on the follow/join button.

I am waiting with baited breath being type 2 diabetic and being on steroids for PMR. But if I don’t hear from nhs I am going to start self isolation from Thursday as I am feeling at risk due to working on checkouts


Did you see this page which does list diabetes

From what I understand is that diabetics need to do 12 weeks social distancing, which started on Saturday, and the new group of 1.5 million people have to completely isolate for 12 weeks and cannot leave their homes at all and must remain indoors. We still have to socially distance for 12 weeks but can go on walks and go to supermarkets and pharmacies if necessary. We still need to stay at home and follow social distancing advice. Good luck everyone 😊

There are now two things going on in the UK - social distancing and shielding.

People who are subject to shielding should be in isolation for 12 weeks. This is the most vulnerable group, ie people who already have surpressed immunity or have reduced cardio-vascular function and I suspect this is the page you have been looking at

These people will receive letters advising them of their status and special support is being put in place eg to ensure that they have adequate access to food and other esentials.

Diabetes is still mentioned in the advice on social distancing for groups that are vulnerable but not at the highest risk.

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What about people with Insulin Dependent Type 2, DM, Metabolic Syndrome, Cirrhosis of Liver, Bronchiectasis, and several other co-morbidities? I have heard nothing??

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sorry - all I can suggest is trying to contact your GP and see what they advise

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