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Hi. I was just diagnosed with diabetes, but not sure if it's type one or type two. I had been prescribed Metformin, but with no meter and no education classes. I don't know how to do a finger stick for blood testing. I don't know where to start. I am also afraid to take med, because of unknown side effects I might develop. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.


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  • Hi valachia-t,

    Welcome to the group. Please feel free to continue to post your postings and/or comments, reply to other member's postings and comments, asking questions, taking the polls listed on the Polls Section and meeting the other members of the group.

    It is normal to be afraid sometimes of new issues that can change a person's life or the way they have been taking care of themselves.

    Have you talked to your doctor to get a better explanation as to which type of diabetes you have been diagnosed with since the appointment? Can you please give the doctor a call and check with him/her and ask them about the medication issues?

    For information on diabetes and related issues, you can read/download and listen to the free leaflets on the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation's website. Please go to:

    I hope this helps!

  • Thanks

  • I am trying now to get him to refer me to a diabetic class so I can get educated on this matter, what to eat, exercise, how to stick my fingers, and what my numbers should be, etc... Thanks again, now I know I'm not alone.

  • Please check your Private Messages. I sent a note. It's okay. :-)

  • Hello & welcome ! Please ask us as much as you like. I have been T1 for more than 50yrs & still full time employed. We will do our best to help. A tip, don't sit still to long & keep moving as much as is possible. Your joints & limbs don't like it. I drink water all day long & keep hydrated. There are lots of things you can eat that have little effect on diabetes. Push the sweet stuff at the back of the cupboard. Good luck & pls ask

  • Thank for the info

  • Go back to your doctor. Ask for help.

  • I did, I have taken 2 classes so far. Thanks.

  • Good for you ! Knowledge is king !

  • As you have been given Metformin I would assume your GP has diagnosed Type 2. Generally T2s are not routinely given meters to test because our pancreas still works and is putting out some insulin. Eating a lower carb diet, exercise and smaller portions will help with the blood glucose control. I have been T2 for 6 years and have never been given a meter. I did have one that was my mum's and I did get a free one from a manufacturer because I did slightly exaggerate how many times I test. In fact I only tested if I was ill and the run up to my HbA1c test every 6 months. However, I became paranoid about the numbers and if my after meal test went above the normal range and lost sight of the fact that the reading was just one on a particular day and I shouldn't worry. My Diabetic nurse and my GP both told me that unless I was going really high over a sustained period they wouldn't recommend a meter, so I stopped testing.

    You will find that although it seems like you are left in limbo at the moment, once you get your first proper diabetic check up done (I was diagnosed and given metform general release and it took about 4 weeks for a first meeting with the Diabetic nurse. Sometimes Metformin general release does give people tummy problems but I was moved onto the slow release version and this has been fine for me.

    Please make sure that you ask lots of questions and don't think that they might sound stupid, they won't! Your DSN and GP will be used to people being worried and will help guide you. Go onto the website for lots of educational material and information and also check the who run educational courses for diabetics. I did the course and 2 refresher courses which I found really useful and helped me understand diabetes in general, not just T2.

  • Thanks A lot ceejay

  • I do have T2

  • Hi valachia-t,

    I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 6 months ago. You definitely need more information from gp or diabetes nurse associated with practice. For me Metformin has been a wonder drug but different drugs suit different people. My diabetes was caused by long term use of steroids impacting my pancreas. I was given a meter and shown how to use it. And they let me have as many lancets and strips on prescription as required. I was encouraged to use it regularly while I was increasing the Metformin medication to see how my sugar levels were improving and to find out how different foods affected my sugar levels. They started me on low dose Metformin and increased it gradually to avoid some of the side effects. I actually had to change my diet very little as my T2 was not diet related. My blood sugar levels from Hba1c last week shows my diabetes is completely under controlled my results dropped from 75 to 47 in 6 months. You need more info - don't be afraid to ask. I wish you well.

  • Thanks Carolyn

  • If I can help just ask

  • Do not worry. Observe what you are taking e.g. eating habits and drugs prescription. If any medicene is making you dowsy or uneasy then talk to your doctor he wil defiantely reduce that dose to half or else. Thanks.

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