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The fastest way to beat type 2 diabetes

Hi everyone,

Here's an article in todays Daily Mail with the golden rules to reverse type 2 diabetes.

There's some great looking recipes too.

Please see:

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Interesting, but I don’t worry about calories. I do worry about carbohydrates.

in reply to Koalajane

I'm only trying to help as I'm not diabetic and don't have to worry about calories or carbs.

So it's whatever works for you. 😊

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Koalajane in reply to

A low carb high fat diet and exercise has worked for me as I am in remission 😀

in reply to Koalajane

Thats great news Koalajane 😊

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Great article for Type 2 and very informative.😀👍

in reply to Activity2004

Thanks Leah and anything that helps Type 2 the better. 👍 😀

Reduce carbs - it works

in reply to Theziggy

This is true Theziggy 😊

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to

Also, exercising can help with the blood sugars, too for both.😀👍

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