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Can type 2 diabetes go into remission new trial.

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Hi everyone, I thought that some of you might find this interesting, it's a trial at the new Hackney Diabetes centre aimed at making type 2D go into remission with a low calorie diet for 3 months followed by a healthy diet plan. This is the first one in the country so let's hope its a success.

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This research has already been done at Newcastle University:

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Thanks for a detailed update on the VLC study conducted at Newcastle University. Appears very interesting. Few queries in case you are aware of:

(1) whether after T2 reversal , the people came back to normal calories and still were able to maintain Blood sugar levels.

(2) whether the people did any kind of physical exercise during the study period ??

(3) if there was any VLC study for T2 with the lower end of BMI such as 18-19.

I think they have taken BMI more than 25.

Hi Jerry - is this diet a calorie diet? I have managed to reduce my blood sugar by removing food intolerances which were preventing me from losing weight. I had a recommended diet from NHS but found after a number of years it would not work. Having been threatened with insulin and different drugs, which don't agree with me, I had to try and change my diet. This helped cutting out those grains dairy and egg which were affecting my digestion.

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I believe it's a calorie diet for 3 months to get weight down and then its a healthy balanced diet aimed at keeping type 2 diabetes in remission by keeping carbs and weight down.

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That's interesting. If it works and weight is stable it sounds a worthwhile diet.

I have found that other a change in diet, to check all ingredients with salt and sugar hidden in unlabelled food has helped cut down sugar. As all carbs such as rice maize barley, wheat and rye convert to glycogen and are stored as fat, then removing the excess carbs and hidden sugars in no sugar tonic and some squashes, in milk and yoghurt, and many soft creamy cheeses has helped reduce my sugar and cholesterol.

Luckily I can eat oats so make oatbread using water, yeast, some olive oil, and have this as a special treat. Home made recipes you can see how much fat unsaturated, or saturated is going into your meals. Oats have a substance which helps lower blood sugar. I might not lose weight if I eat more oats as a carb, but my blood sugar and cholesterol are stable.

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I'd like to add that reading into these articles and research it suggesting cutting calories from the carbohydrate food group. We get calories from carbohydrates, fats and proteins, we need all three to function properly so good education regarding calorie counting is required.

For example 1000 calories of mashed potato is digested differently to 1000 calories of broccoli; I'd like to see someone try the latter lol!

So it's about balance and eating healthy; reducing the carbs for complex carbs (less of a sugar spike) and increasing proteins. Fats (healthy fats obvs) have actually shown to have a positive effect on blood sugar, helping the body to function and can control type 2.

I'd suggest seeing a doctor / dietician / nutritionist and not to go it alone; dieting (in this case simply counting calories) without knowing the proper impact on the wider heath will not yield good results.

Exercise in any form will help control the spikes and dips in blood sugar levels; it also helps metabolism; on a slight tangent - I have got my prediabetes diagnosis back down to normal through additional HIIT exercise on-top of my usual yoga, core strength, gym rings and polefitness. I already eat healthy so it just needed the extra hour of exercise a week to bring it back to normal. I know I need to maintain that or more as well as the healthy diet to stay in the normal range.

Research that Jerry has pointed out sounds promising :)

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I have Two friends who have done it. Off all T2 meds. Good luck if you are trying to.

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I would really give it a go if I was T2, best of luck if you are.

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