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Hot back with Type 2 diabetes

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Hi has anyone who has Diabetes Type 2 experienced a continuously very hot back? My sister in law has diabetes which is quite well controlled. She is now an active 85yr old and has been diabetic for many years, having had gestational diabetes during her pregnancies. Her sugar levels fall quite a bit during the night so she has to eat something then, but her main problem is that her back is alway very hot, not to the touch, but feels that way to her. It disturbs her sleep a great deal. Has anyone else experienced this? I was wondering whether a kind of neuropathy might be responsible, although since I don't have the illness myself I don't know much about it. In addition to her diabetic drugs she is also on Warfarin. I would appreciate any replies on her behalf, many thanks, Knip.

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Hi and welcome to the group, Knip. :-)

Has your sister-in-law talked to the doctor about the issues she's having at night? What are her blood sugars during the night? What does she have for snack? Is she testing herself more than twice a day/evening?

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Knip in reply to Activity2004

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it. I will ask her and get back to you.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Knip

You’re welcome and thank you for letting me know that that you will ask her.😀👍

Is she having something to affect her blood glucose at night? The problem is that it may cause high insulin levels even if blood glucose appears normal. Those high insulin levels will detrimentally affect the metabolism and/or hormones.

Carbohydrate cannot be eaten with impunity/indiscriminately. It needs to be restricted to less than the body uses; typically less than 120g per day.

Similarly, an excess of protein also demands more insulin and is easily turned into glucose.

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Knip in reply to StillConcerned

Thank you for your reply. My sister in law has had Diabetes type 2 for about 30yrs and controls her diet really well. She doesn't have a very big appetite and only weighs seven stone now, much less than she used to. She sees the practice nurse regularly but isn't really given any answers to the issues she is experiencing. Seeing a GP at our practice is, not exactly impossible,but extremely difficult. I will pass all this on to her and will try to get some answers so that I can reply. We are so lucky to have Health Unlocked. Others in the same situation as us, often with a lot more knowledge of the problems we face than we ourselves have, can give us so much information. 👍

I wouldn't have said I had a hot back, but my favourite position for sleeping is hugging the duvet in my front with my bum and back not covered. I definitely get too hot otherwise.

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Knip in reply to JackyAM

I wonder if perhaps you have the same thing but mildly. I hope yours doesn't develop further. Molly didn't tell me how hers started...but even in this colder weather she is wearing a thin blouse with just her bra underneath with nothing else on top. It really disturbs her at night. After sun cream is helping a bit. Thank you for replying...I'm not sure if she has tried what you are doing...but it sounds so I will suggest it to her. It might be just what she needs to do. 👍

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JackyAM in reply to Knip

Yes, I don't think mine sounds as bad, but anything's worth a try.

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