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Tingling in feet and hands


I have recently been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and trying to gain as much information I can to help myself. I understand that if you get tingling or pins and needles it's a sign of diabetes. However does anyone know what the tingling is or what is happening when I experience it. It keeps me awake at night and I wonder if anyone knows how to treat it. Is there a medication that anyone can recommend please?

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This was one of the symptoms that made me go to the GP..I hope you get some answers.

RoadRunner44 in reply to Mama41

Seeing my doctor next week. Will ask questions then.

You do need to see your GP.

It could be circulatory; people with high insulin levels are at increased risk of atherosclerosis.

It could be neuropathy; nerves being affected by poor glucose and/or insulin control.

It could be B12 deficiency; poor digestion can impair the ability to utilise this vitamin.

Keeping your carb portions to 0 to 4 portions per day will improve control. When your insulin has normalised, you may be able to tolerate 4 to 8 portions of low Gi carbohydrates per day.

Get most of your energy from natural fats, favouring monounsaturates such as eggs, nuts, avocado and olives.

Oh thank you so much, and such a lot of information in your post.. I will be seeing my doctor next week and now feel more knowledgeable to ask questions. Thank you

Hello I wonder if you could help me again. I am embarrassed to say I don't know how to count carbs. Is there a simple way to do this, I feel frustrated because I want to help myself but I don't know where to start.

I would say it has a lot to do with blood flow. I drink DIET TONIC WATER for England. Its good for circulation & the lemon in it keeps colds away ? Good luck

Hi, Thank you for replying. Could you tell me why tonic water might help with the tingling? You obviously take a lot of it. Is it because you have the same problem as me?

I have been T1 diabetic form being 3 in 1966. A long time & looked up what was good for blood circulation. Diet Tonic Water, suited the bill. On a hot day its mint !

There is NO one here can recommend any medicine -- only doctor can Prescribe medicine.

There is NO such thing as Pre Diabetes --

Yes- B12 deficiency or neuropathy - can cause tingling

If it is SEVERE -- it is sign that you already have Diabetes for long time and did not know it.

make sure to check for Vitamin B12 and D3 and eGFR in blood test --

Also please have eyes checked for Retinopathy

Join - " Diabetes India "" - here and read lot about - Neuropathy and Diabetes

Hi RR. It has a lot to do with blood flow, I drink bottles of "Diet Tonic Water" with lemon. No Gin. Very cheap at supermarket. Good luck.

Does it go away, it's driving me crazy?

The posts about the WONDERFUL food makes it harder. Eat things with low carbs. Seafood etc.

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