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Swollen feet, ankles, legs.


I’m told it’s water retention but my ankles and feet are swollen and sore. I have diabetes and am on insullin. Is this dangerous?

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I am diabetic myself and can confirm that these maybe diabetes related symptoms. How are your sugar levels? If you are concerned, I should consult with your diabetes nurse at your clinic.

LizzieG101 in reply to Bifield34

Sugar levels are hovering around 12.5 - 13.5 - which for me is good. I was 33+. The insulin has made some difference but I am also on prednisone for lupus and chest disease and hydroxychloroquine. I think water retention comes into this.

Bifield34 in reply to LizzieG101

I know what my nurse would say because she says the same to me. What about your HBA1C? Do you have any idea?

High sugar levels damage your nerves and arteries in your body. Most notably on your feet and lower legs. You should be seeing a podiatrist on a regular basis. You are right that the swelling could be water retention but like all symptoms, there could be a list as long as your arms. You need to see your health-care professional because you really don't want to lose your lower legs due to diabetes. I have lost my left eye because of my stupidity. It's affecting work and everything including something as mundane as shopping. You take care.

I am not sure, related to diabetes, never heard that.

Swollen legs, water retention due to side effects of some medicine. Check online or talk to pharmacist for each medicines you are taking.

Doctor may prescribe a water pill.

Ankles swelling, may be a sign of heart problem. Talk to cardiologist and get all tests done -- ultra sound of heart, ejection factor, nuclear stress test and calcium score test. Also check ldl.

Dont worry, there is always some medicine or procedure.

Good luck.

i have the same but am not diabetic....it worries me a lot,,but its not water retention ,,but although there are days when i can't get my shoes on ,,,,my Dr says don't worry about it,,but i do;;;;i do have heart problems but again am told don't worry about it ,,but i do worry about it,,,,especially when i can't get shoes on,,it means i can't go to shops or take rubbish out,,,etc,,,my feet hurt,,and itch something awful...

I would say that individual symptoms could point to a multitude of conditions so the best advice anyone can give is to see your health-care professional. Don't worry or panic, don't start looking up information from Doctor Google or Doctor Wikipedia because they are prone to human misinformation. You take care and keep us informed please.

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