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New Sensor: Wednesday/DEXCOM


Hi and good evening/morning! 😀

This is today’s update on how things went last week. The picture is showing the warm up period for the next 2 hours tonight before I can do the calibrations.

The old sensor that was removed worked pretty good, but there was a few times when I was told that I was Out Of Range— even though the system was extremely close to where I was at all times. That really got me upset because it happened before I got the correct sensors sent to me. That made me nervous. At least, I didn’t have to get in touch with the Representative for a free sensor. That would have been really bad.

At my center, there was terrible WiFi, so the ability to share the numbers with the followers I have for the system can’t get the numbers depending on the places that I have to go during the day. Not good.

I will let you know later when I see how the new sensor does when I’m able in the next few days.😀

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Sorry to see you going through all this with the sensors. It is always worrying when our technology lets us down when you are doing all you can to struggle trying to enjoy a quality of life! This shouldn't be happening and it becomes stressful to you living every day. Hoping someone is reviewing this at tech headquarters. This is not good enough. Hoping this improves for you soon!

Activity2004Administrator in reply to lfn1

I’ll let you know everything when I get some information this week.😀👍


Gosh! You must be getting frusrated with this sensor not working again.

Have you got a back up manual blood glucose monitor? If not, perhaps it's time to get one so that you can set your mind at ease.

Here in the UK the medical organisations have decided that someone with T1 diabetes can get a Freestyle Abbot blood glucose monitoring meter and sensors on the NHS. The headlines looked good and I though perhaps I could get one but, and it's a big BUT, it's still rationed to about 20% of T1 diabetes patients. It's so frustrating!!!

Keep positive.

TT x.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

Thank you for the suggestion. I have a test kit and use it along with the CGM system. Both are sometimes not close to each other, so I have to do extra calibrations here and there.

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