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Peripheral Neuropathy

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I am new here. Nobody seems to be interested in this problem. There is no follow up as it spreads up the legs and now seems to be effecting the muscles in my legs. It also now seems to be starting in my fingers.

11 Replies
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Welcome to the group.

Have you talked with your doctor about scheduling a follow up appointment? If not, please call your doctor for an appointment this week. Please let us know what you find out soon.

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You may please treat this an medical emergency and consult your Diabetelogist/ endocrinologist immediately and get guided.

Peripheral neuropathy is a known side effect of diabetes. Some inputs for you (1) keeping blood sugar under control so that the conditions don't get aggravated.

(2) if you are taking metformin for a long time, you need to check your vitamin B12 in the blood and if found lower, consult your doctor to take methylcobalamine B12 supplementation. Nowadays , vitamin B12 is available in combo with GLA, alpha lipoic acid, Benfotiamine, B6 and B9 to treat peripheral neuropathy. If there is pain the above combo drug is available with a anti- inflammatory drug.

So treatment is available to prevent complications. However , the above medicines would be useful if you strictly keep your blood sugar under control.

If left uncontrolled and untreated, unfortunately it could lead to leg amputation.

May God bless you !

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Fatbuddy in reply to namaha

where do you get this combo supplement - with B12, GLA, ALA, B1, B4, B6 --at Vitamin Shopp ?

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namahaStar in reply to Fatbuddy

Medicines/ vitamins are plenty in India. It all depends if your neuropathy is with pain or with out pain. If it is painless, ( though I am not a doctor and you should consult your doctor before any medication)

I would suggest :

GMAB plus from Biocon India is a good combo drug G stands for GLA, M for methylcobalamine, A for ALA, and B for Benfotiamine , and Zinc. All are vitamins .

And if there is neuropathic pain, depending upon severity you should take Gabapentin 150 or 300 mg brand Gabantin from sun pharma or gabanta from Lupin and many more brands.

Apart from above You can also take GLA 120 mg by dr Reddy lab. GLA is known as Gamma linolenic Acid which is natural oil also known as evening primose oil known to have anti-inflammatory property towards diabetic pain. 3 times a day can be taken. Take for 3 months and be in touch with your doctor.

However blood sugar control is 1st priority. If sugar is not controlled, above medication will be a waste.

As suggested by many dump all your carbo. Take LCHF. You could arrest your diabetic complications.

May God bless you !

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Fatbuddy in reply to namaha

do you have R-ALA available in India ? and Benfotiamin ( B1 ) is it good quality - Natural ? any natural plant based and not synthetic - made in factory ?

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namahaStar in reply to Fatbuddy

Dear Fatbuddy

R- ALA natural form and that to all natural vitamin market is not well regulated in India.

However factory made vitamin supplements are being manufactured by many MNC like Pfizer,GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Abbot etc and many indian pharma such as sun pharma, Lupin,cipla, dr Reddy lab, Biocon are exporting to US and west.

Synthetics at least are certified by these companies as effective and they work as well.

For natural vitamins US seem to have a well regulated Market and you get everything under the roof with amazon com.

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Fatbuddy in reply to namaha

I am in USA- I never buy- so far not bought anything online from amazon..I go to store vitamin store and buy - R-ALA available in USA.

I do NOT like synthetic - at all.

Yes - I know some Pharma companies from India - big business in USA- My Metformin at Walmart also comes from India.

I am moving to Idnia - soon - to retire -

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Please start LCHF diet. Join Diabetes India group here and there are many useful articles there about lowering A1C and treating neuropathy.

I recommend checking after meal- sugar spieks - one hour and two hours after you eat major meal- lunch and dinner - make sure the sugar is NOT over 140. Keep under 180.

Check your glucose intake- estimate for each meal - and reduce every time - slowly reduce to less than 100 or 120 grams NET carbohydrates per day.

Also check with eye doctor for retinopathy. Since you have severe neuropathy- there are chances that you may have damaged eyes or kidneys or both.

You must have high A1c - over 9.0 for last several years.

Not sure where you are based, but I hope you have an appointment to see your doctor by now. Diabetic neuropathy is a risk for anyone who cannot get their blood sugar level down, although it can also be affected by vitamin B deficiencies (mainly B9 and B12).

I have non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy, from before I was diabetic, caused by a vitamin B deficiency (folic acid/B89) that wasn't identified for ages. So when I became diabetic I was very aware that more nerve damage is a big risk for me - I monitor what I eat every day and test my blood sugar before and after breakfast twice a week (more often if it is higher than normal).

If you want more information, I am on the lowcarbprogram.

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Hydration has a part in this. Blood flow also. Diet tonic water is good for both.

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I agree xx

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