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Running with foot neuropathy

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Hello. I have migrated here from HU's running forums. I have been type 2 diagnosed for some 15 years. Four years ago was the first signs of having neuropathy in my feet. Some signs were: lack of sensitivity on the balls of my feet and under heels. I do take care of my feet and check them before and after runs which are usually 5-10km.

Today at my annual check up, the tester said that my feet haven’t deteriorated over the year, but he said I shouldn’t run. This is upsetting.

Is anyone else running with neuropathic feet?

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Hi and welcome to the group, HeavyFoot. Thank you for introducing yourself to the group. Feel free to continue posting and asking questions, commenting on other member's postings/comments, take our polls, look at the Topics section for ideas and suggestions for snacks/meals. Also, please check out the free leaflets that the DRWF website has for download/read/listen to anytime. The free leaflet on Diabetes and Foot Care is at: I hope this helps. :-)

Hi HeavyFoot.

Sorry to hear that. I'm no expert but I'm surprised that you were advised not to run given the benefits of exercise for controlling diabetes. Hope you find some way through it.

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HeavyFoot in reply to SkiMonday

Hi SkiMonday. After a couple of days feeling down, I made a decision to keep running. Running has helped me hugely reduce my diabetes meds, kept me (relatively) sane during lockdown, helped set personal targets, and I simply enjoy it.

So I’m redoubling the attention I pay to my feet and keeping on. Another hilly, chilly 10km this morning, smiling that I am still running. Thanks again, SM.

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SkiMonday in reply to HeavyFoot

Glad to hear it! That 10k sounds like a great way to start your day!

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