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This Week's Update: DEXCOM


So, after the week with the old sensor working for mostly the entire time while I was on my vacation, I have to say that it was really great. There were a few hiccups, but those got taken care of when it was necessary. No complaints.

Back at home and on the vacation, I've been eating a lot of low carb salads, so the numbers seem to be on the right track when looking at the DEXCOM. Lots of protein in the salads and some vegetables mixed together. Nice! :-)

The new sensor was put in this afternoon. I have to recalibrate everything near dinner time tonight. Hopefully, the numbers won't be extremely lower than I had hoped afterwards. Will see what happens by then.

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Sounds good & I am pleased.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to HOBIEONE

Thank you, HOBIEONE! 😀

This morning, the system thought I was out of range, but it’s okay now. The numbers are lower than normal today, so far.

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