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Stressful Few Days: DEXCOM


Wow! Can you believe it?!? I put a request for a refill for my G4 system along with a transmitter. Turns out, I got a small box today, but it was for a G6 system! I called and was told that there’s a back order and Thanksgiving is also slowing down the delivery. I told the Representative that I only had 1 sensor left. I hope this one works for the entire time ( I’m still in the warm up period). I still haven’t gotten the free right sensor, either! I was told either Friday or Saturday everything (hopefully) is going to come. Not happy at all about this.

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The last thing a diabetes sufferer using a technology machine is a delay when you have one sensor left. This is totally unacceptable and it adds unnecessary stress to the system that we diabetes sufferers don't need in our lives. This is not sounding like good customer care and service! Hoping you get a delivery soon and best wishes to you that your remaining sensor carries you through this period. Much empathy with your situation and you with hopes of great health and strength during this period!

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Thank you for that one! I really appreciate it very much! :-)

I'm sorry to hear this Leah, it's an unnecessary stress for you when its not your fault and I hope the replacement arrives on time.

So good luck with this 🙏

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Thank you, Jerry! :-) I'm hoping everything will come before 8 pm either Friday or Monday next week. The one I'm using right now isn't doing so good. It keeps having the numbers go in and out or you don't know if it's even right. One minute, I'm 197 mg/dl and then the next minute, it goes to upper 300's without even eating anything at the time.


Try not to worry. It's so unfair that these companies muck us about with our vital equipment. Unfortunately, all they think about it profits and dividends, and not the people that they are supposed to help.

Good luck and I hope it comes soon.

TT x.

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Thank you for the reply! I will let you know what happens soon.


UPDATE: All supplies were delivered today and they were the correct items. :-)

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