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Still struggling

ok, so i have purchased the book, and the blood glucose meter. Started using the meter over the weekend, first reading said "LO" reading the booklet it said to have something to boost my levels and recheck in 20 minutes. Had 3 jelly babies (head first!) and rechecked. Reading was 1.9. Booklet says ring doctor. It was Saturday so no surgery open. Rang the pharmacy who have been really supportive. They suggested i check again before and then after lunch. Before lunch it was 2.1 after lunch 4.4.

Kept this up all over the weekend, went into the pharmacy on Sunday, and the pharmacist said she would ring the surgery first thing on Monday and tell them that she thinks it could be reaction to the new medication Empagliflozin which can cause hypos and excessive thirst, which i have never had till now.

Monday rang the surgery and could not get an appointment with the doctor, the Diabetic Nurse was not in that day, and the one in as a locum could not see me.

Tuesday spoke to Specialist Diabetic Nurse at the hospital, who asked how often were the surgery monitoring my blood glucose levels, told her they were not and that I had purchased my own monitor. Told her the readings. She said she would get the surgery to call me.

Wednesday, had to attend podiatrist. Rang the surgery as not received any call backs. No appointments with Diabetic Nurse, but MAYBE a HCA could have a look at me.

Appointment at 12 went in at 12.40. HCA who was very nice, said that to take a full blood count would be best idea, unfortunately I am known for being difficult to take blood from, and the nurse who does it could not fit me in. the HCA did a blood glucose reading. I had eaten nothing since breakfast and my reading afterwards was 3.9. This reading was 7.9 about 5.5 hours after breakfast and before having lunch. She sent a email to the gp as she said that was not acceptable, and she could clearly see that i was not well, with sticky hands and quite shaky. 2.00pm the gp left a voice mail saying that reading is fine. Keep taking the medication.

Thursday (now) been up 3 times in the night to the loo and to drink, drinking about 3 litre bottles of water through the night. Fasting reading 2.3 just checked again after breakfast at 7.15 my reading is 3.9

I have had it with my gp. I no longer trust that he is doing what is best for me. I am changing surgeries, but in the meantime, still struggling and still feeling very unwell. Any ideas?

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What are you eating and how often? Are you having a snack before bedtime? Are you checking the carbs in what you eat and drink?

I agree you should change Doctor as you seem to have been left out in the cold a bit with your diabetes.

These lows are dangerous. Carry a small carton of orange juice with you at all times and drink some of it when you get low.

I feel for you. Having lows is exhausting and hard work. Make sure you always test before driving and have something to eat with you.

I really hope you get this sorted out soon. :)

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