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Hello everybody

My grand-daughter has been diagnosed, one month ago ,with type 1 diabetes.She is only 22 months old,it's not hereditery,and i read that if it's not hereditery the cause of this disease must be environmental like a virus, a parasite, a microbe, an allergy, and if we can detect the cause may be we can cure her diabetes and the beta cells of the pancreas can regenerate. I ask if someone knows what lab tests we shall do to detect the true cause of my grand-daughter's diabetes. Her birthday will be in 2 months and i hope i can do her a present with your help, of course, I will be thankful if you can help me. Thank you so much.

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  • Hi there, I dont have the answer to your question but just to say i am in a similar situation. My 28year old daughter has just been diagnosed as type 1 diabetic even thou there are no hereditary factors in her case. I too, would love to know what could have caused the type 1 to develop. She is currently on insulin once a day and metformin tabs twice a day. How are you and the family coping with emotions and the management of the illness in someone so young? I am still shocked as is my daughter. :-(

  • Jouba93

    It's a sad moment to hear that such a young kid has type 1 diabetes. But don't get discouraged. Pay your attention to strict diet control. Check for her thyroid status. Give as less carbs as possible say around 1 g per kg per day or less. Keep a watch on her nutritional needs. Give enough proteins.

    Explore the possibility of stem cell therapy.

    Our blessing to your child.

  • Jouba93 really sad to note about your grand daughter...

    May be anup or suramo will be able to guide you about tests...

    For other things you may take advice from our respected admin., Activity2004.

  • Thank you, cure for saying this.

  • Thank you sooo much everybody,idon't even know from what country you are and where is your place on this earth but i already feel this link between us that i give the name of


    Your replies are so comforting,now i feel better thanks to your support.

    I will do my best to save my little baby,may be nutrition will be the solution

    and as Hippocrates said"Let your food be your medicine,and your medicine be your food"

    i believe in that.But before that i will give an other chance to lab tests.

    Thank you ,keep in touch i still need you.jouba93

  • Luckily for Hippocrates he didn't have Type 1, if he did he wouldn't have lasted very long as insulin was not available.

    Food may be the best medicine for anyone without Type 1, for anyone with it the best medicine is always Insulin.

  • Hello & I am very sorry to here but if there was a cure I would be right on the case ! T1 your pancreas does not work unlike T2. I have been T1 for more than 50yrs & never been unemployed in my life. Pls keep asking as there are a lot of info out there. Have a look at NUK diabetes web. Newcastle uni web site who are looking for a cure. A really positive bunch of Drs that I know.

  • Hi,

    I am a layman as far as medical/health field is concerned. But all the same, I was T2DM once but not any more, by hook or crook.

    Do you have the following test results:

    1. FBS

    2. PPBS

    3. HbA1C

    4. FSI

    5. ESR

    6. TG

    7. HDL

    If yes would you share it here?

  • Thank you shootergeorge. No, I don't have them. I was just asking what kind of lab tests we must do to détect the cause of my little Granddaughters' diabetes. She is only 23 months old. Should we do the tests you mentioned?

  • Hi shooter George

    I Will send the lab tests you asked for very soon,but îs there any thing to do to save my Grand daughter,something ĺike a diet for exemple?thank you

  • Jouba93,

    Has your Graddaugher's doctor talked to you and her parents about carb counting?

  • Hi ShooterGeorge

    Here are the test results that you asked for:

    FBS :1.25g/L


    FSI:<0.20 mUI/L

    ESR: 4mm

    TG: 38.82 µg/L

    HbA1C: she has been diagnosed with type1 diabetes only 2 months ago.

    These are the test results of my grand-daughter who is only 2 years old.

    Thank you ShooterGeorge.

  • Hello ShooterGeorgeI

    I sent you the lab tests of my Grand daughter you asked for,what do you think about them?have you any suggestions?

    Thank you so much.

  • Hi @Jouba93,

    I did see your report. The units are to be converted to the ones familiar to me to interpret. I was busy with some other personal matters. Please wait.

    As far as HbA1c is concerned, everyone will have a value at all points of time, irrespective of whether one is diabetic or not, or when did one turn diabetic.

  • Hello

    Thank you Shooter George for your reply,i am so gratfull.i live in Morocco (North Africa)and the units used here are the same used in France ,after searching i find the following results:

    FBS:125mg/dl or

    6.94 mmol/l

    PPBS:340mg/dl or

    18.8 mmol/l

    FSI: inferior to 0.20mUl/l

    ESR: 4mm


    Tank you sir,i am so gratefull.

  • I Forget To say that my Grand daughter is 2 years old and has been diagnosed with type1 diabetes almost 3 months ago.thank you.

  • Thank you@jouba93 for the partial set of results.

    FBS & PPBS are as expected, on the higher side.

    Fasting Serum Insulin is much below the anticipated value.

    Triglycerides is unexpectedly low. More over I couldn't utilise it in the absence of HDL Cholesterol value; you missed it probably by mistake! Triglyceride wirh HDLC and C-Peptide numbers & HbA1c would have given a clearer picture.

    Do the baby still take breast milk? Is the baby lacto-intolerant by any chance?

  • Now the baby must be taking at least semisolid feedings. If you could get the missing numbers, I would like to suggest some dietary modifications.

  • Hello sir

    Thank You for the precious time you spend to help us.i am so gratfull.

    The baby is not breastfeeded,Her mother works and stopped breastfeeding When the baby was only 3 months. Now She drinks cow pasterized milk and She eats solid foods (meat,chicken,végétales,bread ...).Now She Lives with Her other grandparents and sees her parents only at weekends and i am afraid this stresses Her.i don't think she is lacto-intolérant.

  • Why asked about breastfeeding and lactointolerance is: dietary modifications of mother would have helped the baby very much. Mother can eat and digest things babies cannot and take the advantages through breastmilk. Severe stress is a sufficient condition to trigger Diabetes. My mother became diabetic on the sudden demise of my father when I was just 9 and was the third of seven!

  • Sorry to hear this about the recent diagnosis but please don't be taken in by talk of diet being the best way forward. Insulin is the first and only key treatment for people with Type 1, diet can help a lot, as can exercise but insulin always comes first. Dietary advice for a young child with Type 1 is something better handled by the experts so please talk with your hospital.

  • My newborn grandson (just 2 days old) recovered from a hypoglycaemic coma ONLY BECAUSE I was aware of it and literally fought with the nursing staff of the tertiary level hospital to summon a doctor. Baby was instantly moved to the ICU and he is an year old now.

  • As for the lab tests you asked for i Will send them as soon as possible.i plan to correct Her nutrition and i need your help.Thank you so much.

  • Goodmorning Shooter George

    I want To ask you if i can give my diabetic baby of 2 years old some bone broth (Small doses of course)and what do you think about camel milk?

    Thank you

    Have a nice day

  • Hi Jouba93

    An assimilatable/digestible quantity of bone broth may be a good idea but I wonder how will it help the T1DM condition!

    In my state camel is not at all seen/reared and have no idea about its milk.

    You may have to ask somebody from Rajastan or the Persian Gulfcountries.

  • here are two links about discussions held in DI group earlier about camel milk...



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