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New Poll: What Type of Diabetes Do You Have?


We have a new poll today. It's: It's multiple choice.

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I have type 2 diabetes due to obesity

StillConcerned in reply to Hidden

I would suggest obesity and type 2 have a common cause; high-glycaemic loads.

Hidden in reply to StillConcerned

Probably because I have been checking the glucose very often and by the end of the day it has been around 88, with a spike here and there without eating foods, so probably that is what it is. I always wake up with a glucose from 139 to 160.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Hidden

Have you talked to your doctor about counting carbs.? Starting an exercise routine?

Hidden in reply to Activity2004

My doctor is not in favor of me doing this fasting, very few doctors are. She thinks that I should be having at least 100 grms of carbs, that is way too much, when I told her about intermitting fasting she said it will bring down my metabolism. I am looking for a doctor who will work with me, but very few doctors seem to know much about diabetes and nutrition. I do walk every day.

HOBIEONE in reply to Hidden

If I were you Natalia, cut down on carbs. Carbs do the damage in T2. Going for walks is good & don't sit still too long. Good luck.

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