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One Hump or Two? Camel’s Milk as a New Alternative Medicine

One Hump or Two? Camel’s Milk as a New Alternative Medicine

Here is one nice link I found...which I think will be more thought provocative.....;-)


It say...


All of the research seems to be on one-hump camels. It’s not clear whether Bactrian camel milk is equally efficacious. The “one hump or two” question remains to be answered; but there’s no rush, since we can’t get either kind of milk. Jabalicious and other brands have recently come on the market in the UK, but those of us who live in the US will have to either wait for FDA approval or buy our own camel and milk it ourselves.

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Wish to visit leh some day... if you are traveling by road then it is better..If visiting leh by flight then keep one day extra to get acclimatize to low oxygen.

Try to visit village of 'Pure Aryan race'.

Also plz share with us....how LCHF works in low oxygen environment.

Try Yak butter.....hmmmm does that also got some insulin???LOL

I guess those ladakhis  are  on LCHF for life time. And they have world best body frame.

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 Dhahanu (The Land of Aryans)...

The villages of Dha and Hanu are situated at a distance of approximately 163 km to the northwest of the town of Leh. In this area, you will find a number of villages. However, tourists are allowed to visit the villages of Dah and Hanu only. Being situated on a lower altitude, these villages experience a climate that is a little warmer than that of Leh. One of the major attractions of Dha & Hanu is a chance to have a glimpse into the life of the Drokpa community.

This community is believed to be the last race of Aryans, confined to the valley. With their pure Aryan features, these people seemed to have preserved their racial purity down the centuries. However, as far as their culture as well as religious practices is concerned, they come up as quite alike the ancient pre- Buddhist religion, known as Bon-Chos. Tourism in Dhahanu, Ladakh, is still not so popular and a tour takes only two days, with the nights being spent in tents.

one more url


However, at the back of the mind of several German tourists has been possible thrills that could flow from closely interacting with the pure-blooded people physically for a new-generation progeny. They hardly succeed in such attempts. Still, the lure of Ladakh's Aryans continues to attract a large number of Germans.

In his fascinating and well-researched book Hermit Kingdom: Ladakh (Vikas 1980), the famous mountaineer and an expert on the Himalayan region, Major H.P.S. Ahluwalia (he scaled Everest on May 29, 1965), describes how a group of German girls once travelled all the way to Ladakh in search of the "Aryan seed". He states:


"They came all the way to Ladakh hoping to carry back with them the seed of what is believed to be the purest survivors of the Aryan race. These sophisticated young ladies from the western world, incredibly enough, were not only willing to but eager to have sexual intercourse with these tribal males. I suspect the tribal males would have also been glad to have sex with these white blondes, bored as they perhaps might be of circulating with their own women-folk. But what the German girls probably did not know was when to come. They were unaware of the festival of fertility until they visited Ladakh. Whether the tribal women would have allowed their men to sleep with these foreigners will remain a question mark......"


Gives me the hump!


lol...but not joking..there is big debate on cow milk....if milk from ZEBU cow(IndianCow with hump)is better than milk from western cow(without hump).

I like taste of GIR COW milk...and I consume that only.

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"I like taste of GIR COW milk...and I consume that only."

Do you get it regularly ?


yes.... I have one source...he supplies me on regular basis.

When his Gir is not giving milk(bhakad ) then he will supply other ZEBU milk.


@cure...how do you make sure that he is giving you what you asked for and not mixing anything harmful in milk ...asking you because there are people who used to take milk from local doodh wala and later they found out that they are mixing dirty water in milk and thats doing more of harm than good


Very true..but this fellow is trust worthy.. (Till I don't find something otherwise lol)

Hmm I was in to promotion of Indian hounds.This fellow use to keep and breed the dogs

So bit long association....


A1 v/s A2 difference. Lot of dairies supply crossbred cow milk. Hard to get pure desi cow  (गावठी गाय) milk. For that reason I prefer buffalo milk. It is A2.


true///not possible in Pune....but in Gujarat you can still find many big herds of Gir cow.

Even during season you will find those 'Rabaris' tribals travel to outskirts of Pune with Desi cow herds.

In konkan region u will find one more desi cow which is very small.very cute looking.(But very less milk).Out of these cows in kerala , with selective breeding they have developed a separate breed called Vechur cow.

This cow is of size of goat.

If you got enough space to keepa dog...u can maintain this cow in bungalow.


"This cow is of size of goat."

Anything unique about this cow ? or only size ?

"If you got enough space to keepa dog...u can maintain this cow in bungalow."



I know space is big problem in Pune....

Nothing unique....just  fancy size.....

Actually....the original mountain cows of western ghats (ayla kasla westrn ghat....mala sahyadri mhanayche ahe lol) are more cute...u can find out pics of these cows (Velchur)....but if u look at them they have lost the proportion and beuty in selective breeding....

They look like Kali bengal goat....


good one :) customised cow suiting to requirements of rich and clean people :)


But in pic its your index finger not thumb lol

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cure - it's already available in the USA:

Dr. Hinkle Wins FDA Approval for Sale of Camel Milk

The Use of Camel Milk in Medical Studies

The goal of Camel Milk USA is to make camel milk available to citizens of the United States and to further medical research and studies of camel milk in this country. There are so many people who could benefit from the healing properties of this milk. The high levels of insulin in camel's milk and the antibodies, which are much simpler in structure than human milk antibodies, enable it to penetrate deeper into the human tissue and cells, which means that the milk has the potential to serve as a major weapon against many human illnesses. Check it out at the links below:

[1] camelmilkusa.com/   [2] desertfarms.com/

[3] bingapis.com/images/search?...

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Hmmm...we have few camels in and around Pune...let me try that some day.

But That 'Khabadi' which I tasted at 'Anjar' was superb.

Hmmm...this was something new that you can not take out cream of camel milk by normal churning process.


The Supreme Court of India, In a recent verdict the Court said that camel milk is actually as good as the pasteurized cow milk that you and I drink, if not even better.




Yep....Gandhiji use to consume goat milk only

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