I AM 62 YEARS OLD & a medical doctor by profession. Til age of 59, my fasting/pp blood sugar used to be 70/110. Now it has risen to 105/140. To me, it appears that some deficiency has occurred in utilization of sugar by the cells of my body & their efficiency may have decreased which I am not able to notice/detect except that I feel lazy & cold. I need many more woolen items to keep myself warm & at some time I lack sufficient clothes, I get common cold, viral fever-like symptoms. Can I take some little medicine in low dose to bring it near my previous level of 70/110 mg%? Will it be useful or may be harmful?

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  • Hi

    I am type 1 I used to have up to 6 needles a day

    for 2years now I have used a pump I have gone from 157 units a day to 60 units my highest reading has been up to 39 should have been dead my average now is 8 so for me this is good but without

    insulin I would be in big trouble so medicine does help Cheers Brian

    (Note everyone's body is different)

  • You need to speak to your GP as if you are saying you're not diagnosed diabetic yet, you need your levels checking. As a medical doctor by profession I would've thought that you should know to see your GP.

  • aggarwaldrvk,

    Welcome to the group. Please feel free to ask more questions, post more postings and comments, take the polls and also meet the other members.

    How long have you been having the cold/hot/fever feeling? When was your last appointment with your Endocrinologist? What had he/she said?

  • aggarwaldrvk ji...

    It is suggested that you may go for checking all other parameters such as thyroid ,fasting insulin , Vit D,Vit B12 levels.

    I think with all those results it will be more easy for your doctor to come to some conclusion.

  • Check on herbs diabetes on the web and research the different herbs what suits you best Consult also a doctor who specialises in herbs. I am a type-2 diabetic and I am considering the use of herbs for my condition ton cut down on insulin, etc. Good luck

  • What one does may not always work for another person. All diabetics aren't the same.

  • Please ask your doctor before you change anything medication/exercise routine-wise.

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