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Manage your Type 2-take charge of your life fully!!

Manage your Type 2-take charge of your life fully!!

Hi Folks,

Let me share my activities with you. Perhaps, it may be of some help. I was diagnosed with Diabetes 20 years ago. I am managing my Type 2... T2G! I start my day (7 am) with 5 peeled almonds (soaked overnight) & Apple Cider vinegar ( 1 Table spoon) with one glass warm water mixed with turmeric powder and lime juice. Then I have a cup of tea (no sugar). My breakfast (8.30) includes Papaya Slice, Quaker Oats (2 min. microwave) & Quinoa flakes ( 1 Table spoon) in one cup water and whole milk. I also mix 1 tea spoon of flax seeds, sunflower seeds with dried cranberries or blue berries. Around 11 am I take one apple & a cup of buttermilk. Around 2 pm have lunch which is salads and Indian wheat chapathi with veggies or fish. Later in the evening around 5 pm have 3-4 walnuts and a cup of tea with milk (no sugar). Do PT- mostly bending exercises for 30 min in Gym. Around 8.30 pm have dinner which is again steamed rice and vegetables or fish. Sleep around 11 and wake up by 7. I do take medicines-Janumet 1000 (lunch & dinner), (breakfast : Diamicron & Neurobian forte).

Good luck on your management.

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Your post is so helpful, especially the details of the food you eat. Currently, I am managing my type 2 by following the blood sugar diet. I visited the doctor yesterday and found out that I had managed to reduce my blood sugars from 89mm to 63mm. I have lost 10 pounds in weight,too. I am having a checkup at the end of January to see if I have maintained the reduction in blood sugars. I need to aim for around 49mm to get back to normal. As my cholesterol is high, I also need to include more low fat choices in my diet.


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