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confused over blood sugars

Dear All

sorry this is rather long

i have type two diabetes diagnosed about 8 weeks ago and on metformin and i have hypertension treated with meds

i heard about the Newcastle diet about low carb high fat diet on this site, so i decided to try this and take half my prescribed metformin(2 not 4)

prior to diet and medication my HbA1c was 90 and my blood sugars in was regularly 15 mmol .

prior to this diet i had a lot of carbs potatoes root veg and bread , i had cheese with everything and 20+ cups of tea .

5 weeks on Newcastle diets lost 2 stone (21 down to19) when i woke my blood sugars were 5 mmol rest of day 6 mmol and after soup 8.2 mmol ,also three days of intermittent fasting (spread through the week)with nothing to eat after 8pm and did not eat anything till 12 miday

then on 5th of November my beta blocker went haywire( up to then my b/p had been fine) i was taken to hospital as i passed out in a shop they put 4liters of saline through me as my kidneys were inflamed due to virus 9 weeks ago briefly went in to renal failure and spent a weekend on a heart monitor for my pulse which was in my boots to go back up. the hospital food was virtually all carb , breakfast all carb, dinner chicken veg and potatoes , tea and supper sandwiches with a tiny tiny sugar free pot of jelly

as my body had had a shock i thought it best to go on low carb high fat diet

so diet consists of lots of veg ,the odd carrot in a salad , match box size portion of cheese every other day (low fat or feta with a salad), almonds 6 a day and 4 Brazilian nuts , avocado with everything , chicken, salmon and sardines , every other morning the carbs i do have is 30 g portion of porridge which is 19 grames pf carbs. the only thing i did stuff up was i had a small portion of Stilton which i later found out was the worst cheese to have ,i don't eat after 8pm and don't snack

now my blood sugars are 9 mmol when i wake up and 10.5 after a meal. would i be right in believing this is due too been ill?if so i know this is like a piece of string how long before it goes down? what can i do from a diet point of view to bring it down?

i am on a intermittent fast today and see what my blood sugars are at midday


James 2

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hi ragivaro

thanks for that




James, I'm Type 1 and follow a KETO diet modified my husband is 100%. I do consume some limited carb's very low, it high fat and good deal protein. Nut,s cheese, butter, eggs, bullet coffee, tea. No sugar, dark chocolate. I need to follow modified to keep my numbers level I wear a DEXCOM unit giving you feed back on blood sugar level 24/7. You could read Leah posts she also wears one and has posted pictures, also an admin.. You might like to check with your doctor mine is very supportive in controlling level glucose.

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