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3months ago,my hba1c was 6.1,and now is 7.5 ,I did have diet control, I ate mostly veg. N green apples.,no rice,noodles but oat biscuits n others. Can the biscuits and oats increase blood sugar level..? I took SkyFruit daily to bring down sugar level if bs level is high,and it did drop..no frquent urination,no dry mouth,no feeling hungry....can 7.5 be dropped down if I don't take medicine..metaformin

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Stepping a little out of line here because i'm 1, not 2, so SkyFruit or metaformin are just meaningless words to me. However, 7.5 is still under 10 mmol/L / 180 mg/dl - well above the healthy levels but still far from a calamity. What's FAR MORE important then the exact bs value (as long as it is under 10/180) is your blood pressure which is the real killer for the small blood vessels in the eyes and kidneys.

And those "meaningless words" won't help you for that, the only way to lower you blood pressure (do you even measure it?) if it is too hight is a good blood pressure medication. By good i mean that your blood pressure should be 135/85 at most on average.

Just my 2 cts, based on nearly 50 years of diabetes.

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