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Food issues

I have been on the Animas Vibe insulin pump almost 1 year now (type 1 diabetes 43 years on insulin). I feel I should definitely be getting better blood sugar results (daily tests, I test about 8 times a day). I tweak my basal rates . I know I am eating too many sweet things, I have a very sweet tooth. I can be very good all day (even more so when in work), but once I get home and kick my shoes off I snack on sweets, chocolate (if around), carbs carbs carbs (I'm addicted to the after 5pm. Even when I have a healthy evening meal ready prepared I still go for the carbs no matter what. I do have a drop in my blood sugar mid afternoon and adjust basal rates to sort this. I eat the same breakfast every day (2 slices white toast), I have less carbs for lunch, usually a stew, or salad with fruit. I don't have any snacks during the day. But come nighttime I am like a carb/sweet monster.

I am trying to lose about 45 lbs, I do go swimming a few times a week and I work fulltime (am on my feet most of the day). I desperately need to get my blood sugars under control and get feeling healthier. I see my pump nurse tomorrow at my hospital and I am going to be honest with her about how I am struggling with food.

I feel like I'm the only one who behaves lie this and am feeling a bit of a failure at the moment.


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Welcome to the group. Have you talked to your Endocrinologist and Dietitian? Do you count carbs. for every meal? Have you tried eating eggs and cutting out the toast or just try wheat bread instead? What are your blood sugars? Are you using the DEXCOM system? Please check out the postings on our group that I have done about it.


Hi, yes I carb count everything. I saw my pump nurse today and she has arranged for me to see the Dietician 13th October and also I will then be loaned a Dexcom for a month. My blood sugars are very much in the teens (UK) and I have today altered my basal rates again. XXX

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What are your numbers convert to in mg/dl?




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