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Can anyone please please give me a second opinion. My blood sugar levels have been erratic up to 10 in old numbers however I am sure I am doing something wrong but instead of talking me through where I am going wrong mySrs and Diabetic nurse seem to be intent on pushing me on to insulin. I have changed my eating pattern this week and my bloods are between 8 and 6.5 . I sm on so many tabs. 360 gliclizide 3 metformin a day and sitigliptin they want me to take insulin as well. It's too much. Can you advice please. Thank you so much . Ann 

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Ann- All I can say as advice is that I got type 2 diabetes about 7 years ago and through strict diet and exercise have gotten my blood sugar levels to the normal range without any insulin or medications. If I can do it I'm confidant that you can too.My dietary advice would be to cut out of your diet all foods that spike blood sugar levels. I wish you good health.


Be really careful. We are all individuals and we all react differently to foods. Our diabetes is individual to each of us also. It would appear that your medical team are at the end of the medication road. Yes diet can have a huge effect on your numbers. And I would tell them you want time to get your numbers down yourself with diet. BUT remember that this diet changes will be for life and not a short term fix. It is something you should have been doing all along. Many type 2 go onto insulin. They are trying to stop the damage consistent high number will do to you. Consider all advice given then weigh up all options and the damage it can do it you numbers are nit under control.


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