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It's a BLIZZARD and Week 30: DEXCOM (Es una VENTISCA y semana 30: DEXCOM)

Wow! While I'm sitting here typing this posting, there is more snow than I can imagine having in my entire life! There is a picture of my backyard deck for you to see what we've gotten so far. I think we've gotten over 2 feet so far, but I lost count.

¡Wow! ¡Mientras siento aquí la mecanografía de esta fijación, hay más nieve que puedo imaginar tener en mi vida entera! Hay un cuadro de mi cubierta del traspatio para usted para ver lo que hemos conseguido hasta ahora. Creo que hemos terminado 2 pies hasta ahora, pero perdí a la cuenta.

The snow supposedly is going to be stopping somewhere between 3 am and 4 am Sunday. At this point, I can't believe that.

La nieve supuestamente va a pararse en algún sitio entre las 3:00 y 4:00 el domingo. A este punto, no puedo creer esto.

As for the DEXCOM, I changed the sensor this morning and the new sensor so far is working just fine. It's a good thing that I did change the sensor because last night the old sensor and receiver kept giving me odd results. I tested myself a few times before bed and the system thought I was extremely lower than what my testing monitor I had used said. I wasn't 55 when I tested myself. The DEXCOM thought I was 55 when I was 184! Of course, since the arrow before it disappeard was straight down, I couldn't recalibrate and that really got me upset since I wanted to go to bed. Unfortunately, the readings for the numbers went away after a little while, too. They finally came back while I was sleeping, but found this out when I got up in the middle of the night. I retested before going back to bed and it turns out I was 150 on my testing monitor and 132 on the DEXCOM. The arrow did come back by then, as well.

En cuanto al DEXCOM, cambié el sensor esta mañana y el nuevo sensor hasta ahora trabaja sólo fino. Es una cosa buena que realmente cambié el sensor porque anoche el viejo sensor y el receptor siguieron dándome resultados raros. Me probé unas veces antes de la cama y el sistema creía que era sumamente más bajo que lo que mi monitor de pruebas que había usado dijo. No era 55 cuando me probé. ¡El DEXCOM creía que tenía 55 años cuando tenía 184 años! Por supuesto, desde la flecha antes de ello disappeard era directo abajo, no podía calibrar de nuevo y esto realmente me consiguió trastorno ya que quise acostarme. Lamentablemente, las lecturas para los números se marcharon al ratito, también. Finalmente volvieron mientras dormía, pero averigüé esto cuando desperté en medio de la noche. Probé de nuevo antes de volver para acostarme y resulta que era 150 en mi monitor de pruebas y 132 en el DEXCOM. La flecha realmente volvió para entonces, también.

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Wow, that is a lot of snow. I hope you had lots of food stocked up in the cupboards. Thanks for the picture :o)

Sorry to hear about your frustration with your Dexcom readings. There is nothing worse than trying to sort out your blood-glucose levels when you just want to go to bed and sleep. If I suffer a night time low, it's usually around 3am. I hate having to get up, eat and re-test at that time in the morning, especially when I have to get up at 6:30am for work.

Did you manage to sort out the variation between the Dexcom and your BG meter in the end?

What range do you have to keep your blood-sugars in? I don't understand the American readings. In the UK we aim to keep ours bewteen 4 and 7mmols.


Blood sugars to convert for the USA is: #mg/dl.

Blood sugars should be between 100 and low 200s. I'm considered a brittle diabetic who is type 1. That's one of the reasons I have the DEXCOM. I CANT KNOW WHEN I'M getting LOW.


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