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Sugar level checking machine

i am diabetics for the last 4 months and i started taking medicine from the time i found the level was alarming. However, aftertaking medicine for a month the level has came down considerably. I also bought a machine to checck the level as and when i want to get the feel of the situation. the machine always shows the sugar level lower than the prescribed level and i have a doubt whether i should relay on this machine. can any one please let me know the reliability level of machine.

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Glucometers are to be coded first from the code on the testing strips pack. then there is a testing solution with fixed reading by which you should check the accuracy of the code.then check the expiry date of the testing strips also.still there will be difference between glucometer and lab testings.


It depends on whether you are using a branded glucose meter or a local one. Branded glucose meters are always preferred by the doctors. Some of the best glucose meters you can rely on are accu chek active, one touch and bayer contour Ts. More information can be found on buydirekt.com


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