What should be the time gap after dinner for checking fasting sugar level?

I recently checked my fasting sugar level on two successive mornings through Glucometer at home. On the first day I checked this after about 11 hrs. of having dinner the previous night. The next day i checked it after 8 hrs. of having dinner. The first reading was 99 and the second reading was 116. My question is, which should be taken as the reference for judging whether it is normal or not?


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  • 10 hrs is minimum fasting period required to know where u stand ,its fine u may use 11 hrs for reference,for post 2 hrs is enough which is more important as mere fasting reading is incomplete data to refer,if possible please record what u had for dinner each time u do the fasting test,which will enable you to know what diet u should follow

  • Thanks.

  • I concur with Debasish"s views.

  • PPBS is more important than FBS because FBS goes bad pretty late. It's PPBS which goes off first and is best to test around 100 min after first bite. For example i rarely check FBS. I reply more on PPBS checking. FBS i check maybe once in a week or fortnight.

    However, if it has been a case of uncontrolled diabetes then checking both would help

  • Both Fasting and PP are essential as Fasting indicates the residual sugar after a long time lapse of previous meal. Usually Fasting sugar is noted immediately or some time later with out any thing taken after you wake up from bed and PP sugar is taken 1.5-2 hours after meals as indicated by Mr.Umesh 1

  • Thanks to all.

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