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My sugar level


One month back my sugar levels were 545 and re-started insulin 14 units and January half twice a day. Also started daily exercises in Gym. When noticed the fasting sugar levels reaching 54 and 65, reduced and stopped insulin for lat one week. Now my fasting sugar levels are 110 to 125 and post lunch is between 140 to 160.

Please advise / suggeSt.

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your sugar looks like lifetsyle issue, due to no excercise and bad diet, MAintain stricklow carbohydrate food, and excersie atleast 20 minutes twice a day , preferably one exercise after dinner in night


Eat one chapatti thrice daily

Only one chapati will not be sufficient for filling hunger.

Stay on LCHF and 2 chapatti a day as advised by @anup .


I am glad your sugar levels are under control because bs level of 545 is very high. I hope that you consulted with your doctor when you reduced and stopped insulin. Please do not take any medications or stop any medications without talking to your doctor first. Trust me that managing elevated blood sugar is relatively easier than below normal blood sugar levels.

You have not provided any information about what your current meals are, whether you are a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan etc. How much exercise do you do daily? I am assuming that your diabetes was detected a month ago with levels of 545? Provide some more info so the members here can make educated suggestions.

Deepak-shenoy in reply to Shailp

I am vegetarian diet. I do 20 minutes tread mill, 10 minutes abdomen and 20 minutes for upper and lower body on alternate days.

Breakfast is 3 edlies or dosa. Lunch and dinner is 3 chaptties with vegetables

You have ideal food practice. Just watch your sugar levels daily (random) for next fifteen days. take pills instead of insulin with doctors'advice. After 15 days you take blood test for once in 15days and alter the power of the pills accordingly. After 3months you start testing blood for once in three months and then consult the diabetician for suitable medicine. FIRST YOU HAVE TO STABILIZE THE SUGAR LEVEL.

Along with vegetables try to take greens in your daily food preferably in lunch and a glass of milk in nights. Daily walking should be done in open space like parks, grounds or open terrace in your house etc., atleast for 40 Minutes.

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