home remedy for constipation

it is very simple.do not take any water half an hour before meals,do not take water during the meals.You can take a small quantity to gulp down.Take water atleast one and a half hour after meals,both morning and night time.See the results next day itself.It is so simple and free of cost but people do not do it.People go to the doctors,pop the pills and spoil the intestine because all the laxatives irritate the walls of intestine and become habit forming.

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  • i have been following this water therapy and got rid of chronic irritable syndrome suffering for last 15 years. 1.5 ltrs in the morning 1ltr after meal and 1ltr after dinner. search in google for water therapy.

  • Yes water intake helps. Taking good amount of green tea with lemon and tulsi also helps a lot being a diuretic. It helps to release more urine which also detoxes body. Very recently John & Johnson have been given approval by FDA for a medicine that will release sugar through urine. Google out to get more info o9n this recent medicine ...: so now if you take this medicine then i guess your urine test for sugar will become useless if i understand the mechanism correctly )

  • Yes,this a very effective and cost free remedy for constipation.Problem is when you are gulping many tablets for various problems the belly gets all messed up.Still,this is the only safe remedy and even if it forms a habit,no risk is involved.

  • Yes, no water with meals only small gulps if food is dry and cannot be swallowed. A very effective solution is a coffee fengugreek seeds soaked overnight in water and taken early morning gives a bowl movement, it also help in controlling Diabetes II


  • Take 1tea spoon heaped Trifla churan before going to bed with warm water. Megh doot trifla churan is the best as per my experience.walk daily both times. you will get clear motion in morning..Diet sholud be less ouily...

  • Sri Agarwal ji

    Kindly tell what is Megh doot tripal Is it available in DAWASAAZ shops.

    I am already using tripal churan.

  • If you can get the thriphala churna prepared & sold by Kottackal Aryavaidyasala, Kottackal , Kerala ; it is the "Best". Branches & outlets of this Aryavaidyasala are throughout the main cities if India.

  • If you cant find Meghdoot Triph;a churan you can take Dabur TRIFLA CHURAN..It is good for constpation and eyes disorder, spite waltking both time is recommened..

  • Due to paralysis I can not walk but I will try this.

  • sure i will try. Thank you very much

  • It is a true good practice which we forget sometimes

  • It is a very true fact and we have tried and tested the fact

  • i use this therapy since 10 years .but now i m not i m having constipation problem

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  • I am highly constipated I need to take KABZHAR everyday yet my bowels are not fully clear I take 2 glasses of water in the morning as I getup One glass after lunch and one after dinner.Not much help Please advice my email is chandrusipahimalani@gmail.com

  • please four glass of water as y get up.do not take water half an hour before meals,do not take water during meals except a little for swallowing and mouth cleaning.take plenty of water after two hour or if can not hold,after one and half hour after meals.purchase Jhandu or Patanjli Avipattikar churna from baba ramdev outlet,it is effective and cheap,take one spoonful twice daily after meals and you wiil get rid of your problems.Always walk for five to ten min before going to toilet.

  • Constipation is my problem too.thank you for all the suggestions I will certainly try and see the result after the water theropy .Thank you for the guidelines.

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  • Here are 3 things you can also try:

    Flax seeds and oat bran Mix

    Thriphala and lukewarm Mix

    Lemon with rock salt

    Source: ihomeremedy.net/6-effective...

  • Proper diet is the best long term way to deal with constipation but in the short term something more immediate is needed. We all know that an enema can help but that's not very convenient or practical (to say nothing about uncomfortable) to use often and definitely not for mild, frequent constipation. A way to use water for quick relief is with a Hand Bidet Sprayer. Used primarily for improved hygiene it can also be used to shoot a blast of water up your pipes to loosen things up and get them moving. Fast, convenient, and comfortable. See bathroomsprayers.com.

  • thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  • thanks!!!!!!!!!

  • my son who is now 4 began having problems with constipation at 3 days old. he told me he feel hurt when he in toilet and poo. i think he ate something which made him constipated. what have i do for him now?

  • My DD used to suffer in constipation problem too. I heard prune juice and other P- fruits(pears, peaches,plums) are very good for constipation and seems prune juice can be mixed with milk also.

    Also, gripe water helps in stomach relief.

  • Kindly advise to all parents, do not try any remedies that from unknown source. Please seek for proper way like consult to doctor or professional person with experienced. I belive that you do not want your kid to be in any trouble. Last time I follow a unknown site remedies for prevent constipation. End up my children is getting worse than before. I forced to sent him to hospital for a checkup. That time I was so worried nearly fainted. So please do not try any unknown remedies.

  • My colleague had suggested me to switch to Mamil to be a primary milk formula because he saw my always faced the same issues (Constipation). After that, i bought it and tried it for my son, seriously it is really works and my son no longer face the same issues again.

  • mamil is good to prevent the constipation to ur kid. it's ingredient good fo kid's body. i've used this before to prevent constipation to my little boy and it works.

  • after reading this all, i am realizing my son does in fact have a problem. he is 17 months & only recently started having solid poops & they are quite large. there is discomfort & comes to me to cuddle when he has to poop.

  • Magnesium!!! Magnesium will soften the stools and making pooping much easier on her. I know from my own experiences. It also does many other wonderful things.Many mamas on her use natural calm.

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