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home remedy for reducing sugar


have sugar checked. keep overnight in a glass of water one ladies finger (bhindi) (cut at both the ends and sliced through the length) and drink it next morning. No other intake for next 30 minutes. Do it for a month or so and have the sugar checked again. You should observe good change (reduction) in your sugar level. This is a proven home remedy.

H S Parekh

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is there any one used this . if so give report. if you have used it then give specific report and tell whether one should stop medicines or not

kushok in reply to sanjay1955

my recommendation : Any home remedies can be tried but never ever stop medicines. Guess most of the remedies could be a case of faith, coincidence and effect which is unique to each individual.. Very often, when u take any new step, you become conscious and start regulating - which will have a complementary effect.

ycmittal in reply to kushok


subsub in reply to kushok

True. Keeping the regular medicine regimen and trying out any natural remedy is a sensible step.

Hidden in reply to sanjay1955

I had tried it. It is not possible to drink the fermented bhindi . It is like glue and it tastes so badly that one can not take it. Atleast I had puicked? It is impossible to try this home remedy.

totli in reply to sanjay1955


I have been using it for past one week, it is odorless , gives a feeling of well being and satiety. Understand it is rich in fibre and other substances good for the body.I am sure it will reduce my sugar levels, I will check my BG only after 15 days . Medicines may be reduced/ discontinued on doctor's advice

I am on LCHF diet.

is there any comment for sadabahar white flower leaves and leaves of jangali kundroo cn also be profitble in type two dibeties. if there re some results please inform.

I'm not ready to experiment with my body on these so called medicines. These are pure humbug. I believe in English medicines only.

U r right Sir! But sometimes it is beneficial that might reduce the dose of medicine too,saves from side effect.Ladies finger is edible vegetable,it will not harm ur body sir.

hsparekh in reply to bijoy

Hi Bijoy:

Thanks for coming to my rescue. Yes, I was not completely explanatory in my very first message.


bijoy in reply to hsparekh

Sir, i am also using bhindi, as u have written in blog,from last six month along with one tab of metformin.

Mishti2 in reply to bijoy

Spot on bijoy! It may very well benefit, but no harm....best thing abt natural meds. With all the respect for conventional meds, without which most diabetics wud die within a yr.

Sir, Indin (Vindi) is edible. You may try with English Ladies finger.

Do you know (chitrabhanuthekkedath) all antibiotic English medicines are produced by plants ? if plants can be used in other diseases then what is your problem ?English son...

What make different having cooked lady fingers and deep in water ?

The benefit comes from the fact you are automatically controlling your carbohydrate intake. Keeping your carbohydrate intake below 40g each meal will have major benefits for most people uk.sitestat.com/diabetes/we...

When Bhindi is taken along with Medicines, how one can be sure, whether sugar is reduced by Bhindi or Medicine?

Dear Mr. Vishwanathji:

I am glad you have been using this bhindi remedy for keeping your sugar level under checks. Pl do let me learn as to how long you have been using it, be it on and off. Are you aware of others who may be using it too!


Any how you have to control your sugar either by medicine or by diet.

Is it that I have to drink only water portion ?

hsparekh in reply to konnagar227

please check out citehr.com/179232-remed... as Mr. Vishwanathji has reported

in one of his responses above - hsp

I like to okra as a curry, as a fry,stuffed or otherwise and as vegetable used in sambar. Not as a medicine which I doubt.

hi, can u pls tell me we have to drink only that water. or we have to eat that also?

The Allopathic medicines are the only reliable for treatment. Continuous research is conducted in Allopathy and new and new medicines are introduced. Continuous research and constant up gradation is done. Even though Ayurveda was there in India for thousands of years it couldn't control or cure any disease.Ayurveda couldn't cure such minor diseases as small pox, diarrhoea and hepatatis,Hundreds of patients used to die every year for want of medicine. It's only after the arrival of Allopathic medicines that diseases could be controlled.

u din't face disease expensive in alopath ,have u heard about kidney transplant , ur kothi , banglow , car , shop all will go in docs & hospital pockets through treatment then your generation will ask 'BHINDI'

u dont know even side effects ..and origin of allopathy u dont know ...how costly these medicines r u dont know .. in liver ; kidney ,transplant what costs .. what is hidden motives of docs ,labs , hospitals..so the nexus developed u dont know ...we dont hate allopath ic approach.... we hate the system of allopathy hence developed due to biased lover like you..

I resolve to try Bhindi treatment from tomorrow itself. I am a type 2 diabetic and inject Insulin twice a day (16 and 26 units before breakfast and dinner)

I will report progress after three-four days

Yes I am still using this method daily along with my usual medicine and I find much relief but I cannot tell you the exact report as to how much is the change but yes it definitely helps


Home medicines are some times effective, but after a variable time it becomes in effective.Also there is no calibration of doses.results are unpredictable.Strict monitoring of blood sugar is required.

The normal medicines should I think continue alongwith home remedy.In case sugar really falls,doses can be reduced.

1)It is true that alopathy is based on scientific research&stands the test (SCRUTINY)of repeatability.But the very word Alopathy implies "The other diseases",which means you can expect Side Effects.But in acute cases when survival is of utmost importance, & WHERE SURGICAL INTERVENTION IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY(acute appendicitis,injuries arising out of accidents,etc)there is no escape from alopathy.It is true that since about 70's,Most of the Doctors are hand in glove with the mere Profit oriented Pharma Industry,peddling Superfolous drugs & lowering the threshold limit of most of the pathological parameters,which create huge new market for many proprietiory drugs.If a remedy is available in any other system of Medicine,the alopathy pharma industry snatches the opportunity,somehow gets hold of the know how,(piliagirism?) refines the same,gets the Medical profession to endorse same after so called Clinical trials & release the Exhorbitantly priced "NEW" drug to the Market reaping windfall profits

2) Ayurveda was the only system known to Mankind say about 2000 years back.India was the centre of excellence, & even Greek patients,who could afford the cost of travel (Land route)landed at the door step of the Great Sushruta in Kashi waiting for their turn,for months on End.But sadly we lost the knowledge may be about 800 to 900 years back.The written texts etc available in ancient University libraries were burnt down by the senseless Muslim Invaders,thus depriving the Mankind the fine knowledge.The few Highly kowledgeble Doctors either out of selfishness or fear of the knowledge being diluted,misunderstood & exploited by the average students they got,never passed on the kowledge.as a result today we have ayurvedic Doctors who have M.D. Degrees,do not know for example the Naadi jnana.(Pulse reading)in totality.The correct procedure of purification(Puta-that takes about 48 days in many cases of BHASMA Preparations to remove the toxic elements is not known or not adhered to by Ayurvedic medicine

manufacturers,because of commercial considerations.Yet for many chronic diseases the prevalent residual knowledge as practised by the very few competent Ayurvedic doctors remaining,Ayurvedic treatment is best,particularly for diseases of the gastro Intestinal tract(digestive system-Particularly LIVER).But avoid taking Commercially prepared Metal Bhasmas,if prescribed.Once Ayurveda thrived on Surgery & Sushruta is known to have performed complicated brain surgeries.Administration of Anaesthesia was done by competent Anaesthetists.But today the Ayurvedic Doctors Shun Surgery even in cases where it is absolutely necessary,claiming they have medical remedy for all ailments(without resorting to surgery) & mislead Gullible Public.

Many fly by night operators peddle so called Ayurvedic Medicines,extracting exhorbitant price.Unfortunately there is no sstatutory Regulator to take note of Bogus claims made in news paper advertisements & punish the guilty

3)Homeopathy (whose basic postulation is believed to be of Atharvana Veda Origin)is good for Chronic diseases requiring constituitional remedies.

4)In Modern era,it is necessary for the common man to be careful.One should be knowledgeble to choose the appropriate system of medicine.

mdchaskar in reply to ramach

Thanks for giving more details. Patients should read it very carefully. Better to follow and take proper decision.

hsparekh in reply to ramach

I am interested to learn if there is an organization who may take up the representation to authorities for creating systematic and patient friendly modalities for practicing Vaidyas, Hakims and homeopaths so that they would be more answerable and responsible to patients. Would any of consumer societies be interested to take up this challenging assignment? What may Amir Khan (Satyamev Jayate) have to comment on this aspect of mobilizing the authorities for public interest? How to GO ABOUT???

H S Parekh, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

hsparekh in reply to ramach

I am interested to learn if there is an organization who may take up the representation to authorities for creating systematic and patient friendly modalities for practicing Vaidyas, Hakims and homeopaths so that they would be more answerable and responsible to patients. Would any of consumer societies be interested to take up this challenging assignment? What may Amir Khan (Satyamev Jayate) have to comment on this aspect of mobilizing the authorities for public interest? How to GO ABOUT???

H S Parekh, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Absolutely right. Without stopping regular medicines one may take chance. There is NO harm in trying it, He should have given Blood sugar figures, How much they had changed.

I will give it a try and will get my fastening sugar level checked after a week which are in 175-200 range for last 6 months checked fortnightly intervals. If it slips below that I will agree to the benifits otherwise skip it. Any medicine/remedy taken empty stomach means it has to go in to blood stream to cure and other diabetic medicines taken with meals means slowing/ lowering the process of sugar entering the blood stream.

Worth a try, as Bhindi is known to be good laxative too and helps absorption in the instantines

Narendra Nath

Dear Shri Vishwanathji:

Thanks for this elaborate and explanatory coverage embracing all practical aspects on use of Bhindi for controlling sugar levels - hsp

In diabetic nutrecian poweder allowed or not ?

what is this water therapy?

mr BT SHARMA what is this water therapy?

Thank you sir,

For the Ladisfinger intake.since it has no side effect and the vegetable is edible one anybody can test and see and not to take it in anegative sense.Certainly the english medicine are quick remedy but shorten the life so we can try the Home medicines for long live and happy life as our forfathers lived.


medfree: we cannot deny how the medical industry does a lot for money. They can be demons in the disguise of doctors. no doubt.

It makes sense medfree!! It must be the same principle of pectin of apple which helps the diabetics.

Friends trying this remedy since last week and I feel it is still premature to come to a conclusion. My random glucometer reading used to vary anywhere between 135 to 230. I regularly monitor my sugar level once daily. Lately, have seen a decrease in my sugar level. But will surely let you all know after two more weeks.

Note: I was not meshing the bhindi in the water and simply consuming the water in which the bhindi was soaked over night. I still am continuing with a tab of Glaynase MF post breakfast. Followed by the mandatory multivitamin.


try pure stabilized aloevera gel this will help controlling sugar and will improve the whole system by increasing immune system.

lohit in reply to sundeepd

Dear Mr Sundeep,

Did you try yourself ? After how many days you got any results? How long since you were diagnosed being Diabetic? Please let me know. will be thankful.

sundeepd in reply to lohit

Dear brother,

i am not a diabetic but i have gone through the literature of the aloevera called barbadensis miller this particular type has maximum medicinal properties in it within two to three month there might be a situation where Dr. might ask you to reduce the medicine dose and after some time he may ask you to stop the medicine.

this will happen as because aloevera has many properties in it which stimulates the pancreas to increase the insulin with this it will rejuvenate the whole body system with increased immunity.

lohit in reply to sundeepd

Thank you brother.

i take atleast one kg of vindi in a week.this is the only veg i mostly like along with other vegs.

can it help ?

This remedy was told to me by my close one but since I am already doing some other good ayurvedic remedy which is very effective and has given me a lot of physical strength in my body, I have been taking bhindi as a vegetable once or twice in a week.

hsparekh in reply to beasdevc

Pl do let us all learn of this ayurvedic remedy that you find effective. Tell us about dosage, methods etc. and references for learning about it. - hsp

I started bhindi treatment.will commend after two weeks.

hsparekh in reply to miriyam


please check out citehr.com/179232-remed... as Mr. Vishwanathji has reported

in one of his responses above - hsp

Thanks Vishwanath ji. Will try it out. Your information is simple and accurate.

The interest and participation to this subject is really encouraging. There is no need to debate whether Ayurvedic/home remedies or Allopathy is better. We have seen tons of such stuff on the web anyways and is known. Each person has his/her right to choice and can do as they wish. The information given is for approaching the issue from another angle. If it does any good, it is good, otherwise no harm in imbibing Okhra in any form. After all it is a vegetable many people are consuming as part of their food. Even a small ray of light is valuable for a person suffering from Diabetes.

all your tips is very useful

I am also using itb from last one weak

i am diabetic for 13 yrs. present level is fasting 148 pp 190,I have consipation problem since birth, Now from 27.06.13,i will start following water theraphy,i will let you know the result after a week regarding my consipation and diabetis level

if my protin intake is less what will happen and why?

hsparekh in reply to chaudhuri

Chaudhariji: Thanks for the response. I am no doctor nor expert on the ailment.

Pl do check with your doctor for satisfactory and dependable suggestions.

I believe these home remedies need to be considered as supplementing measures to achieve a bit faster results for keeping sugar levels under checks. They may help reduce prescription medicine dosage also.



2-3 lady fingers is fine. Someone is taking even 5! Keep monitoring your sugar levels. This is a must.

Dear Praveenb:

Thanks. yes, 2 or 3 are okay.

please check out citehr.com/179232-remed... as Mr. Vishwanathji has reported

in one of his responses above - hsp

Dear Kailadiyer:

Thanks for informing me. do record your sugar levels at definite time interval so as to track the progress.

Here are some interesting articles:

Okra for diabetics – interesting links

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Sabitha V, Ramachandran S, Naveen K R, Panneerselvam K. Antidiabetic and antihyperlipidemic potential of Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench. in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. J Pharm Bioall Sci [serial online] 2011 [cited 2013 Jun 30];3:397-402. Available from: jpbsonline.org/text.asp?201...

Not only diabetics, but also every other non-diabetic normal persons are also dieing

Diabetic Mellitus is a genetic disease for which there's no permanent cure. It's defect or insufficiency of insulin produced in your body. There're two types of diabetes. One is called Type 1. Pancreas of diabetes one people don't produce insulin. They require insulin for the body to function. The other type 2 diabetes which normally effects people who are overweight and above 40 years. Sugar level can be controlled in them using oral tablets also whereas type 2 diabetes require insulin injections. So death from diabetes can't be stopped.

Thanks sir, for the information. Someone can also use various home remedies also for diabetes. Here are few of them: hope that helps.



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