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Cure for Diabitic home made remedy

I have received on my facebook page that by boiling and drnking the deccoction of wheat 100gm, goond 100gm, kalonji seeds 100gm, and jau(barley) 100gm. First time in morning early stomach one small cup for 7 days and after that alternative day for another week and after these 10days of drinking diabetic will cure.

I want to know does anybody experienced this remedy? Does it work? Does it has side effect specially on kidney?

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Such remedies never work.


even i tried it couple of years back. just a waste of time as i experienced no improvement whatsoever.try low carb diet and read these columns to understand things better is all i can suggest. good luck.....


To get rid of these foolish advises, please read the posting in this forum at least weekly basis. So many postings were there about this "remedy" as hoax and time waste.


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