diabetic since last 4 yr and I am taking three times Actrapid insulin like 22-10-18 unit and last at night at about 11 p.m Lantus solostaer

My hba1c is now 8 before it was 11.6 I am taking insulin last 1 year before I was taking human mixtard nova mix 30 , only two times but the sugar level was high and hba1c was 11.6 . Can you tell me it is safe to take insulin four times instead of two times.

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  • It is important to bring blood sugar under control.

    there is a limit to which you can take medication

    you should add natural support to your Diabetes management programme.

    I would suggest just add Vijaysar (name of herb) water. Take it empty stomach in the morning empty stomach, 30 minutes before lunch and 30 minutes before dinner.

    Take it for 3 months continue with whatever medication you are taking and see its results.

    Vijaysar is known herb to improves pancreatic activity, it is beneficial even in type -1 DIABETES AS WELL. A good natural support.

    Take vijasar pcs about 40 gms keep them in a water jug keep it overnight -colour of water will change - drink water about two glasses and refill it with more water. Drink water before lunch, similarly refill and drink water before dinner. You can use the same herb pcs for about a weeks time.

    Keep a watch on your blood sugar levels and review after 3 months.

    Take other precautions with respect to diet and exercise and other lifestyle changes as advised by your doctor.

    This is a safe herb, there is no drug interaction. Vijaysar is easily available at ayiurvedic shop. Please do not try any combination just take Vijaysar water initially.

    For more ifirmation you can write to udhanfoundation@gmail.com

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