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Can a nondiabetic person have symptoms like a diabetic, especially showing above normal FBS ? What is pseudo-diabetic ?

For last 10-12 years, my PP BS level hovers around 150-160 without any medicine and FBS level shows around 125-130 level. I have a fairly restricted diet regime, take no sugar directly. My age is 58 years now and sex is male. After taking .5 gm Gluconorm tablet after dinner, FSB did not show much difference. I do not smoke or drink. I have problem in bowel movement. Now I am taking 1 gm Gluconorm SR tablet after dinner but still FSB level is at 113 level. Kindly tell me if I am a diabetic or there can be any other reason.

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The details furnifhed by you if correct, you are sure diabetes.You have to consult a diabetologist and get everything confirmed.


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