What You Can Drink, Besides Water, When You Have Diabetes

WebMD has a list/suggestions/types of drinks along with water that are good for diabetics who have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Two of the suggestions are: bullet proof coffee and tea. Please see the website/link for the rest of the list. Go to: webmd.com/diabetes/daily-co...

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  • use full fat milk instead of low fat.

  • full fat milk of cow or buffalo. bcoz in cow milk has 12 gm sugar per serving cup. so what you suggest .

  • karan79

    Full fat milk. and what is the sugar content of skimmed milk ?

  • 2% , full fat ,1 % or skim milk all have same sugar level 12gm per cup. only difference is fat. cow milk is very dangerous for diabetic person, it has natural sugar which is called lactose .

  • karan79

    So skim milk is only sugar. Very little fat and protein. So what i meant was that if you take milk take whole milk.

    But the prefered dairy product is a little sour hung curd/ yogurt-d, cheese and paneer.

  • cow milk has sugar doesnt matter its skim milk , 2% , 1% . sugar level would be same 12GM. and what is the difference between cheese and paneer. just name difference. carb or sugar would be same.


  • karan79

    Choose paneer if you want to lose weight.

    A 28g serving of paneer contains 82.5 calories, which is way more than the calorie content present in certain foods and vegetables. Still, it has lesser calories as compared to cheese which has 97.4 calories per every 28g serving. If you want to lose weight, without compromising on the health benefits of milk then try eating curd.

    Choose cheese for weight gain and building muscle

    The protein content in cheese is significantly higher than that in paneer. A 100g serving of cheese contains 18g of protein, while the same amount of paneer contains 11g of protein. Though both can be considered great sources of protein (both are better than milk), cheese should be your choice when it comes to bodybuilding and weight gain.

    There is almost no carbs in cheese and paneer. They are good source of protein and fat for vegetarians.

  • what is difference between cheese and paneer. its same thing ?? we make at home that is called paneer i think.

  • karan79

    adi baba. There is difference.

    1) nutritional values different. High protein in cheese.

    2) process of making is different. There is only one type of paneer but cheese has lots of varieties depending upon the making process. But basic difference between cheese and paneer is that "rennet " is used to make cheese.

  • suramo,

    It is 13 grams of carbs. for skim/fat free milk.

  • Best drink for diabetes...is sol curry....

    I think every one including @anup shrisamarth Shashikantiyengar will agree to same....


  • Sol kadi made of coconut milk and garlic...? And other herbs. .

  • cure


    Yes. We should not forget almond milk too.

  • Yes sir.... not commercial one... but the one made at home...

    Cocont milk...kokam ..and other herbs...

    Sol curry=sol kadhi= soul soothing...

  • It's really a "soul curry" for us

  • the kokam/amsul/sol which is included in coconut milk to make same is called Garcinia Indica..

    the cousin of same Garcinia Combogia is now days becoming very popular world wide as weight loss medication...

    Just Google Garcina combogia

  • Wow

    Good Info cure

  • cure

    Et al.

    1) i'm yet to receive a response here if buttermilk is good for us

    2) can we use tamarind instead of kokum ?

    3)How about using buttermilk instead of coconut milk ?

  • LOL bhai suramo ....As per ayurveda curd is not recommended for diabetic.... may be it helps to replenish liver glycogen.

    Further.. ayurveda always place butter milk above curd.. but there are many members around us who acheived better results with hung curd(chakka)

    Now hung curd is without curds self generated water...(whey)

    butter milk is curd and self generated water plus added water.....

    It is all confusing ....

    but I think butter milk is better than curd...

  • Tamrind is also good.... yeah they make sharbat out of tamrind... well I don't know...let me find out more... but there is one more thing...called Gorakh imali sharbat....

    U may use it...

    Gorakh imali/Boabab ( herbpathy.com/Uses-and-Bene... )

    I guess u can get it in Ahmadabad...

    They have many trees of this in Madhyapradesh...seen many of them around mandu/mandavgadh .. may be @anup will be able to tell more about same...

    Once in childhood due to some problem spent one full day on those fruits at mandu...without any hunger...was feeling very energetic even in hot malwa summer in mid may....

  • Bhai next time when I visit Ahmedabad will get you one packet of Kokum...u can use it for sol kadhi...

  • here is earlier link about Kokum healthunlocked.com/diabetes...

  • Hey here is one nice link....


  • cure

    Thanks bro.

  • cure

    It's goras aamali. Yes. Even dried kokum is available here. You know bro i purchased 2 tins of kokum sharbat when i visited goa. I still have kokum sharbat at my home. Very soothing to abdomen but we can't take because of sugar in it. I'd surely try sol kadhi. As such kokum / tamarind is routinely used in pigeon pea dal in gujarat. But not in my kitchen.

    This kokum sharbat is freely available in pune. In ahmedabad you can find that sharbat at many "soda shops " 😊😊

  • Kokum is available at Ahmedabad - Vadodara.

    Gorakh Imli ( sweet fruit) is totally different from Tamrind ( khatti Imli) .

  • champak045

    The fresh from garden ? Dried kokum is available in ahmedabad but quality is not good. If the kokum fruit is available in ahmedabad please send me address / contact details.

  • cure

    Ayu is right. Butter milk is the liquid left after churning out butter from curd. It's milk sugar. Just wanted to know the opinion of others.

    While it's really good for nonD it's not good for us. In saurastra your meal is not complete without butter milk at the end. Cummins and salt added and chilled.

  • In South we just add water to dahi and churn it lightly and call it butter milk.

    I don't prefer to have it due to the sugars in it.

    For us hung curd is better

    If u so prefer a liquid then lemon water is the best alternate for butter milk

  • Shashikantiyengar

    We also make butter milk by adding water to curd and churning it. I also believe bm not good for us. But once or twice i took a glass of homemade bm after lunch and my one hour pp was less than 140. But i still don't recommend it.

  • What is HUNG CURD ??

  • champak045

    Hang the curd in a cheese cloth and let the liquid in curd drain out. It's hung curd. Discard the liquid called whey. Or let it be used by nonD people.

  • Thanks-that's what I thought - In Gujarat we use

    this process - to make Shrikhand - sweet - we add sugar to Hang Curd.. In USA - I buy Cottage Cheese - like small curd - Is that whey same as Whey protein ? How much sugar does whey ( drained water ) has per say 8 oz glass ? So Hang Curd has NO sugar ?

  • champak045

    Yes. That's hung curd. But the google confuses between curd and cheese.

    Curd is fermenting milk with gut healthy bacterial culture like yogurt but in curd different kind of bacteria are used. Not by adding acid or lemon juice or vinegar. For curd we have to keep the mixture of milk and curd for a few hours to complete fermentation of the milk.

    Whereas cheese is separating whey by adding acid vinegar etc from the rest of the milk - an instant process. If rennet is added it becomes cheese and if not paneer.

    In cheese 96 % of milk sugar lactose is drained. In curd the sugar is converted to lactic acid.

    Frankly i have not yet found answers to the rest of your questions. But since sugar is drained in whey we prefer hung curd.

    May be someone can come up with answers.

  • My wife did not lose any weight despite having 6 months of Himalaya Vrikshamala.


  • nutraingredients.com/Regula...

    Vrikshamala= Garcinia combogia...a cousin brother of Kokam/Garcinia Indica.

    We Maharashtrians use Kokam liberally in cooking...and using it for many generations... No bad effect is experienced...

    But this cousin of Kokum is unknown to us...

  • cure

    Lucky people. You get fresh kokum. Here kokum of worst quality sold.

  • Best drink for diabetes...is sol curry....

    Best drink for everyone.

  • Where is it sold in the USA?

  • May be in Indian stores. Ask for plain kokum juice or we call it aagal.

    For recipe go through the link provided by cure

  • Activity2004

    Try patel store.

  • Activity2004

    You have to learn making it. Very simple recipe.



  • Will try soon, suramo. Thanks!

  • Best drink for a diabetic is

    Acv + Lemon diluted in a glass of water

  • Shashikantiyengar

    Right bro. But frankly 1) acv + lemon cause me acidity and 2) perhaps because of this physical stress i.e acidity the response in terms of low bs is not achieved. Tried many times

  • In USA - another best - healthy drink is - " BOOST " - - Glucose Control - made by Nestle,

    which has only 1 carb choice ( ADA) - 16 gram protein and 25 vitamins and minerals.

    Available at most grocery stores and pharma stores. Usually for $ 6.99 or

    $ 7.99 for 6 bottles.

  • champak045

    Don't go by name. Be cautious before using it. Contains "corn syrup " - the substance thought to be culprit for causing IR in humans. High fructose. Check its effect on bs.

  • Are you sure? It says Diabetic Friendly. Another like that is Glucerna - I have been buying for several months. Sometimes -only drink half a bottle or mix half with almond milk.

    One more - Muscle Milk- which is Non dairy Protein Shake .. low carb.

  • champak045

    I told you. Don't go by name.

    Glycerna 27g carbs per 8oz.

    Muscle milk powder 9 g carbs per scoop. 19 g in two scoops.

    Must be processed carbs. Adding fibres ?? make the product D friendly for them!!.

    I wouldn't recommend but let others too opine. I'd prefer natural food.

    Watch effect on your bs.

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