Role of Yoga in Diabetes

Role of Yoga in Diabetes

One cannot imagine benefits of yoga without performing it.

The science of yoga is an ancient one. It is a rich heritage of Indian culture. Yoga is not merely a few postures (Asanas), but a holistic approach towards life. Yoga life style consists of physical, mental emotional and spiritual well being.

Yoga increases insulin sensitivity and decreases plasma cortisol (counter regulatory hormone) level & normalizes glucose as well as lipids in the blood.

By eliminating of stress, yoga normalizes blood pressure. Person will remain cheerful & will try to keep others cheerful.

Yoga increases working capacity & exercise tolerance. Moreover increases vital capacity of the lungs, boost up defense system of the body against infections & decreases body fat and increases muscle mass.

By performing yoga regularly, 30% of people with diabetes can control their diabetes without any medicine and in remaining 70%, the dose of medicines (tablets as well as insulin injections) can be reduced by 30-40%.


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  • Yoga can be union of matter & non-matter (mind,intellect,ego,spirit etc...)

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