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Lower Back Pain

My cousin brother is aged around 35-38 years, is suffering through lower back pain. few days back suddenly one day his legs stopped responding and he was not able to stand. he was just getting ready to go out.

He become able to move after taking bed rest of 5-6 days. but again the same thing happened to him and when he consulted to doctors, they are advising for operation. He is having a fatty node (Gaanth)near to lower back since his childhood and doctors are saying a nerve is getting pressed by this node.

My Cousin is also diabetic.

Now please suggest is there any good alternative to avoid the operation, because I heard that these operations are life long liability. Also please suggest good doctors.

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On the face of it, common sense logic suggests it is a case for surgical intervention. Can physiotherapy help defer surgery? What are the statistics on other similar situation i.e. on persons with profile similar to your cousin's? [35-40, as intense diabetic as him, etc. etc.]


I have not actually found out that much. initially he was under observation of physio but now they are suggesting to operate. as this is a sensitive treatment I am looking for the advise of best doctors.


Without testing for vit. D it should not be taken. And the dosage depends on how much one is deficient.

As the problem is related to nerve it is critical one. You can go for second opinion.


Please check his vitamin D levels abd B-12. Unsually these are low in diabetic. Dupplement with vitamin D and B-12 (1500 micrograms daily) and calcium


Thank you mapalli for the information. Will that be helpful in avoiding the surgery?


I cannot committ on that, but let us get serum Vitamin D levels as well as vitamin B-12 levels.


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