neuropathy pain

im sukumar age 35 from tamilnadu.. im suffering from neuropathy and retinopathy... before five years it was diagonised that im a type-2 diabete.. i tried a lot to overcome this difficulty...

will this LWMDR help me for sure,completely...


what should i do? what should i follow and how ?

for the past one year i didn't slept well... suffered and suffering lot.. kindly provide me a good diet with LWMDR and how long should i follow to completely get rid off this pain...


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12 Replies

  • Please see my response to another earlier post of yours on the same topic.

  • plse take alphalipoic acid 300mg daily along with 1 caps of mecomin and benfotiamine 1 daily

    dr chittoor krishnan sydney

  • How is your blood sugar control ? do you check every day ? is it under control ?

  • Is this question to me, @Chandradev?

  • No, I asked with @ziugi . But it looks like he is not interested to share the root cause of his current issue.

  • Are you taking anything for the pain? What did your doctor say when you were at your last appointment?

  • dear sukumar inform me regarding your daily routine and nature of duties

    for control over diabities you should apply three attack on the decease ie take medicine ,take morning walk,and yoga ,also control over the high sugar diet,further if you are beliving in god you can pray to god any god if you are none beliver than you should get up earliy in the morning and offer water to sun god .most important i do not understand meaning of LWDMR.

    kalmegh is really good but for pregnant women it is not recomended ,it is slightly purgative so if you fill uncomfortable you can reduce the dose according to your body need

    god may help you to over come from decease.


  • peepal11 LWMDR is acronym to Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen. It initially controlled and finally cured my T2DM.

  • ziugi

    1) idm. Lchf. Carbs as less as possible. Covers almost all your problems

    2) exercise, yoga, meditation, prayer etc

    3) medicines only if numbers very bad aand not controlled by above two measures. Avoid as far as possible.

    Learn about D and gi gl of food.

  • Dear friend please reduce will need less medicine to control all your problem.Do yoga,morning walk and after eating do not immediately go to sleep.The gap should be one and half hour.Thanks.

  • thank you for ur replies guys...

  • i took LWMR for 1& half month.. initially it controlled .. but not maintained .. i loss my confident...

    and taking metformin 500mg again...

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