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Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Can some one suggest the cure for sacroiliac joint pain which of my friend (70 years) is having for last 4/5 months. So far nothing seems to be reducing the problem even after taking pain killers,doing exercises as advised by physiotherapist and all kind of heating to the joint etc. Doctors have practically told me to live with this as it is age related.

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Dear kumar Ramesh

Apply Almond Oil (Badam Rogan) on the joints and have Aloe Vera juice regularly 30 to 40 Ml

It give you big relief as you do it regularly for few months


Follow the instructions in Dr. Mary Pulig Schatz's book "Backcare Basics". It talks extensively about sacro-iliac pain and the yoga poses to do (v.simple ones). It's usually due to weak iliac muscles.


Homoeocal a Tab available in Homoeo shops over a period will help.


Homoeocal a tablet available in Homoeo shops taken over a period of 3to 4 months will help.


Did you try Glucosamine ? Read advantages of Glucosamine on Google and see if it helps you


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