My experience with control of blood sugar

I had higher BS level with HbA1C above 10 and had gone angioplasty in Dec 11. I was advised insulin and other medications almost 15 months back..

I was afraid whether I;ll be able to get my blood sugar under control but just by following my doctor's advise point by point and REGULAR medicine helped me in improving the BS level.

The other important things other than these two were close watch, discipline in food habits and walk.

One should monitor BS regularly so preferably to get his own Glucometer. Try to balance diet with prescribed medicines. Don't change medicines at your own and without Doctor's consultation.

I monitored my BS twice a day for first 30 days. Then adjusted the food qty and food type according to the BS level by keeping the medicines constant.

I used to walk for 50 min daily in the evening which I start one hour after dinner. Then divided the food in four - five stages like

1. Biscuits(4-Britania merry-gold) with morning tea,

2. Light breakfast (any of toast/Paneer/Chapati/Dalia/Oats/egg white/fruits/milk - toned)

3. Biscuits at 12.00 noon with black tea or tea with toned milk

4. Lunch(Dal/Veg/2-Chapati) at around 2.00 PM

5. Biscuits at 4.00 PM with tea

6. Dinner(Dal/Veg/2-Chapatiati/Rice) 7.00 PM, 50-60 min walk at 8.00PM

7. Milk and biscuits at 10.00PM

No fried stuff, no oil . only a small qty of olive oil...or as advised by your physician..

By doing this the peak value of my BS level came down to 140-160 (2 hrs after B/F, Lunch/Dinner) and with the HbA1C to 6.2-6.4, for the last one year checked every quarter

Now I am really comfortable and have lost my weight to 14 kg in 6 months and now it is constant at 64 Kg(earlier it was 78kg). No sign of tiredness etc.

One more difference I noticed that walk in evening was more fruitful that in morning as we sleep after dinner so all the food is not digested whereas in the day time the condition is reverse.Try to keep a gap of min 2-3 hrs between dinner and bed time.

Please do not follow this blindly but can take as reference and must discuss with your physician before trying this. He is the only person who who can guide you. Do not in any case increase or decrease your medicines at your own. That could be dangerous.

Hope this may add some value to your efforts in keeping your BS in check...




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55 Replies

  • Believe him.He is telling the truth. Follow him u will be better.

  • Thank for suggestion.. one should follow.

  • Good experience and thanks for sharing.

  • Good experience to share with for the benefit of others. Quiet good to

    follow and experience the change.

  • It is a very good regime; keep it up. People should realize post meal walks are very useful. It is very useful if we could do both morning and evening walks.

  • What ever you have posted is good. But there is a way in alternate medicine to get yourselves cured completely of Diabetics.

  • what are the available alternative medicines for diabetes..?

  • It can be cured by Yoga, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, etc. Noni, a herbal product helps diabetics. I am not sure whether it cures.

  • Diabetes cannot be cured. Lets be clear about this fact

  • Except allopathy, there is a cure in many alternative medicine. Most of the people do not try to get cured. They want to pop some pills, or inject some insulin and get going...

  • Sir,

    You are not telling the truth. You are talking of cure, not controlling diabetis . Be convinced there is no cure for diabetis.For 20 years i have tested my self hearing from people like you and landed in trouble. Freshers to the forum please be advised to get advis from doctors only and not members here.

  • What are the alternate medicine systems you have tried to get rid of diabetis?

  • This was 15 years back. I followed the advice of a friend and tried some ayurvedic medicines , names of which ch i don't remember now. for 3 years and my sugar levels went very high and was admitted in a hospital. My request is show a person whose diabtetis are cured.

  • Most of the diabetic patients are like you, not interested in exploring. Come to Chennai, fix an appointment with Yogamanthirum. They will teach you yoga and asanas and see the result for yourselves. (Easier for you will be pop some pills or take a shot of insulin)

  • Yoga or any other medical system may not regenerate the dead Beta(?) cells. Yoga definitely helps in controlling the sugar levels by way of body exercises, breathing controls. I have seen two of my close relatives 100% believers of homeopathy and used homeopathy medicines for years for control of diabetes and have developed complications and finally died of the complications. I am not saying anything about Homeopathy or ayurveda but i want to say that you can not regenerate the dead cells of pancreas,. If u prove they can be regenerated,it is great discovery and million can benefit from ur discovery.I am not a doctor of any medical discipline. I am just diabetic for 20 years and aged 72 What ever i am saying is my own observations of my self and my friends whom i have closely known

    to me-Kindly close this ding dong game.

  • But Yogamanthiram keeps curing various illness, whether you believe it or not. There is a cure in Homeopathy but, most of the Homeopaths are not capable of curing

  • Thank you sir. I will try.

  • This is great. Noni is a herbal formulation claims to improve diabetics and other body functions. But take with the guidance of an Ayurveda doctor.

  • Arrowroot biscuits are low calory diet,that way perhaps is good for Diabetic.

  • yoga including pranayam can support only.Homeopathy and herbal medicines are no substitute of allopathic drugs.This is experince based opinion

  • Absolutely right. Only qualified doctors specially your family physician can suggest the medication/ lifestyle/ diet etc.

  • Dont misguide people.

  • very useful suggestion.

  • pls provide mailer id to enable communication out of public domain, thanks in advance, Lalit

    or write to me at:

  • my email id is

  • yes...this surely works!!

  • Thanks for Sharing.

  • Thank you so much for adding more valuable suggestions. One thing I would like to mention here is that I do start walk one hour after the dinner.

    recipe of CCF tea is really useful. thanks...

  • Thanks for the article.

    My problem is I am already very thin, I am 97 pounds and quiet tall. I tried just protein diet and got thinner. I cannot afford to lose more weight. The weight loss was due to Metformin. I was put in slow acting Insulin Lantus. Still I donot gain weight. My morning BS is around 130-170 with Lantus at night. I am also very careful with my diet and I walk 20 min every evening. Any helpful points please.

  • vasanthi, in fact i just shared my experience ... I may not be able to advise you at this moment.. only a physician can advise after looking at your test reports.

    however you can also consult for some Ayurveda treatment if feel so...

  • thanks for the nice suggestions. but sometimes the busy and hectic life of these days restricts to strictly follow the schedule .

  • U have to follow the schdule.There are no short cuts. Probably u have not seen the suffering of people who did not follow the schedule.Please follow the schedule

  • You have followed a very strict life style pattern. That's why it has helped you. I find it difficult to cope up with my schedules and as such miss some of them. That's why I am still struggling to have better control (pp is 215).

  • continous levels of high sugars disturb the lipid profiles, which leads to heart complications.

  • dear misragr,

    its good achievement. will you please tell me your bs level?

    hope that you will get a constant controlled status.


  • my fasting BS remains 95-110 and PP is 120-128 .

    My HbA1C for the last three quarters is 7.2 , 6.4 and 6.2 in decreasing order...

  • its a classic status as ideal as book description ! I am still struggling to set my bs level. fasting remains variable from 90 to 126 but pp level does not remain steady. It varies from 140 to 260. still am trying to get required reading. you are inspiring me to do so. thanks

    what is your age and nature of your work ?


  • I am 48 yrs and working in a manufacturing company.

    I also has faced a similar problem where my PP was as high as yours.... I then readjusted the breakfast and divided the same in two parts with a gap of 2 hrs, by this the peak value of BS came down.

    that means when my breakfast was in one part, the BS level was somewhere around 200-240 but when I divided it in two parts BS came down to 160 -180 after 2 hrs of meal. This was the case in the beginning and that was the turning point.

    I then slowly worked on this and controlled the diet. In fact my diet has reduced a half from what I was taking earlier.

    Just try if possible...

  • well, I am getting very critical clues from you. thanks a lot.I will have to make it possible in my case. from tomorrow I will divide my meal in fractions.

    I am 65 years old,a retired govt. employee and now engaged in farming. theoretical i know much about diabetes but due to excessive hunger, i cant control. I am learning practicals from you that is vital for me. thanks


  • Please divide your meals to half and take the second meal after 2 hours of first meal.I was benefited in this way.

  • well i will certainly follow it and will let you know the outcome after few days. thanks to both of you. Shivsagar

  • thanks for cautious advice.will try to follow it seriously.


  • its realy nice to knw if u follow one advice dnt take marrie gold biscutts it has lot of added sugar u cn check its packet instead use britania oats biscutts... God bless u

  • nice and useful suggestion thanks.

  • I agree 100% with Abhaya. The diet chart given is realistic as per my experience and not A imagination of a dietitian and a physician . I also follow almost the same. Morning 8 am a cup of coffee. At 1100 am , a toast with a cup of green tea. Lunch at 0200 pm with rice, curry, dal and curds and 0400 pm green tea with 3 Marie biscuits and dinner at 0800 pm with dalia and boiled curry, dal and curds. Evening 1 hour walk from 0500 pm to 0600 pm. This routine for a month and half has reduced my abdominal fat and reduced my weight by 4 kgs. I am continuing this routine and I think it will; give better results for time to come. i reduced my Insulin intake by 20 units with Doctor's advice during this 11/2 months period.. It is not a fantasy as described by one of the readers.

  • thanks for sharing

  • Good. One more suggestion. You should chart your blood sugar levels & Insulin dosage on the 24-hour charts, date-wise. That can help adjustment of your daily requirements.


  • Do a continuous glucose monitoring test which gives you reading once in 5 mins over 1 week. You will exactly know how your BS varies with food and insulin you take. This is the best method to adjust dosage.

  • I walk in the morning for 50 minutes.I will follow your routine after taking advice from doctor.

    Thanks for shareing your experiance.

    Prof R J Singh

  • He is right.This kind of practice would not harm anybody.

  • Your Observations are true and correct and if followed will give good blood sugar control

  • A fruitful discussion.Everybody have different experience and one should try to customize for his own


  • Respected sir,

    Your suggestions are very much useful

  • I tried with Ayurvedic medicines from Kottakkal Aryavaidyasala , a century old famous ayur firm in Kerala. The Dr. (Ayurveda) suggested me 5 tabs to take along with Cetapin XR 500mg .He advised me not to stop Cetapin . However the situation improved and showed better control over HbA1C and BG levels. I think Ayur improves ur gen health.But take advice from some reputed firms.

  • Follow this very basic food eating tips:

    1. Eat only when ur hungry [don’t go eat lunch just bz its 1 pm...don’t eat time basis]

    2. Chew 25 times [count literally each bite]

    3. Don’t drink water before or during or after food for 1 hr minimum.

    4. Stop when you get 1st Burp while eating. When you chew 25 time, you will get burp - its a signal that ur full.

    5. Finish dinner on or before 7 pm

    5. Then do walking daily 30 mins a day.


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