bst way to control blood sugar

people rather say a lot of tips to decrease sugar eat karela, methidana water..these aal are beneficial

bt d bst nd only way to decrease overall effect is doing workout..

there is no other shortcut

i was having around 450 pp nd was using insuline frm d day i started working out nd doing walk it decreased to 150..nd also i face less cramps in legs...thts d only true way..walk nd do physical activites


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  • 10000 steps a day ... amounts to 5 miles/day walking. Difficult but perhaps only way out.

  • Those diabetic patients having the knowledge that walking is only the remedy but could not walk due to laziness and paucity of time. I wonder whether the people are so busy that they are not spare time for their health. Diabetic is not being taken seriously in India. Is there any way to spread the message that Diabetic is as much serious as Cancer.

  • Well we diabetics lost the right to have choices when it comes to health and food :)

    Either we do what helps us control it or we give in to this menace that's the only choice we have. One cannot burn calories. Even if one can walk 5 min sessions and let these 5 min add upto 30-40 min/day it helps. Walking inside house is also ok :)

  • fully agree !!!

  • ok

  • Absolutely right. And every diabetic patient knows it. Very few follow it.

  • i follow bro...

  • anyway u should burn yr calories.

  • agree

  • Has anyone tried the efficacy of the gadget 'Morning Walker,' which promises equivalent of 10K steps, and found reduction in sugar level?

  • it's true but tough for v.busy schedule man.

  • nthngis imp thn health bro

  • useful

  • walking is problematic if you are suffering from Lumber canal stenosis. I that case we have to depend on methidana etc; to what extent does it help, any idea ?

  • Use one part of methidana, half part Amla & quarter part of Haldi, mix them & make powder of it, take one spoon empty stomach with water, this with keep your blood sugar level in control.

  • what about paneer ke phool. anyone heard of tt

  • Yes, I heard of it,but not used it.

  • jogging or brisk walking is d preferable and better effective way of burning out calorie.

    now a days people r more enthused with walkers etc, but walking acc to machine is not physiological, many aged people cant cope with that properly ...

    2 big concerns regarding rigorous work out or machine walk are --- risk of osteoarthritis and aggravation of angina (underlying cardiac problem)

    walking steps and jumping are thus good for sugar control, may be good for heart, but bad for knees ..... one has to balance d need accordingly.

  • Only walking does not reduce diabetes,diet control is must.take medicine regular .

  • diabetes is not a disease it can be balance thru proper nutrition.

  • A long period of satisfaction you need should promise food.

  • I have type 2 diabetes can i have oranges or keno ,and how many? thanks

  • of course you can consume ono orange or a kinno daily

  • friends we all r nt diseased its jst we have to take extra care nd most imp have to prevent from gettng tnse...tnsn also increase sugar level...nd yeah i m nt sayng tht everybdy start joggng or doing gym it depends on ur body type or age bt i jst told if we want we r able to enjoy life like others thn we should do regular exercise acc to our if u fond of swimming its a great exercise to burn calories....nd control on food is must...

  • iu fully agree very good

  • thns...:)

  • Diabetes is not a disease.if u de arrange ur food habits u will be releived.

    I am doing research in diabetes for the past eighteen years. Dont panic. First u must realise tht diabetes is not dangerous. Drink one cup to 1 litre of wter in empty stomach. After ten minutes take one teaspoon of thiripalasurnam with 2tablets(500mg/each)Spirulina.After 15 minutes eat 2idlies or any breakfast without oil. Drink one cup of vegetble soup by 11 am. Eat one handful of rice with one dry chappathi with one plate green vegetables salad. Eat 2buiscuits by 4pm. Eat 2chappathis by7pm. Before going bed drink one cup of milk boiled with 3or4galic pearls. Use penugreek everyday minimum 5to10 gms.

  • I will suggest u a succesful formula .Take 100gms , blackseed 100 gms , treegum (acacia arabica) babul treegum,100gms wheat ,100gms barley, 100 gms each millets ( whole grains) (germinated grains will be more effective )ragi,brown rice, make all into powder.take one tablespoon powder,one teaspoon of oats add with three glasses water.boil it for five minutes until it comes to one glass. Drink as breakfast. No need for breakfast. It will simultaneously increase immunity ,stimulate pancrease and reduce blood pressure.just try it and comment. Dont stop medicines for first 10 days the u can reduce and finally can stop tablets.u can save ur health as well ur kidney.

  • Appaji, where can we get: blackseed 100 gms , treegum (acacia arabica) babul treegum,

  • is treegum the same which we used to fry and grind and make powder, is blakseed, kali jeeri?

  • It is kalonji small black grain and u ask in country medical shop about babul tree gum

  • U can get it from the indian medicine shop ( naattu marundhu kadai) country medicines shop

  • you are right. Even if you dont walk do some exercises on your lower stomuch. like bending forward in sitting position etc.

  • U z it

  • Yes, the best way to keep sugar under control is by doing exercise, the medicines also effect only if you do some walking or other exercises. This is my experience, because I was diagonised diabeties in some where in 1989, its about 24 years now, and I am perfectly alright.

  • great sir...

  • good advice all diabetes must follow.

  • Yes, I also feel the same, work out is the best remedy to keep sugar under control.

  • Can we use watermelon?

  • I am 76 have fb 120 PBS159 after 2 hrs or breakfast .my EF of heart is35 percent.had 2 myocardial attacks.Having Aortic suggest type of diet and exercise i am not taking antidiabetic drugs i get breathless after walking 5Boyd's with fatigue

  • It is true,brisk walking of 40-45 minutes a day and pranayam has great effect to control blood sugar at normal level.

    Mahesh trivedi

  • I am very much confused while going through various expert opinions\ comments on how to cure\control diabetes in these columns.. Can any expert in this field would comment whether diabetes can be cured completely citing recent research conclusions conducted in India? mohan

  • Dear all

    You may use BIOZEN to get rid of Diabetis gradually.

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    Warm regards,

    Wish you all a HAPPY LIVING.


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