Having diabetes and controlling it full medications are at 130-140 Fasting and at 166-180 PP. What is the way out?

Having diabetes and monitoring and controlling it Metformin 2X850,Gliclazide 2X80, and Vildagliptin 50mg my sugar levels donot get down and hovering at 135mg/DL fasting and 170mg/DL PP. My doctor does not prescribe oral/injectible insulin or insulin pen. What is the way out?


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  • check for hba1c regularly and eat 4 time s little quantity instead of more at a time.

  • Thanks a lot My A1c levels are frequently checked and latest being 6.9. But I have got digestion problems , feeling of fullness once I gulp a first hand full of food and unable to get piece meals with intervals.. I am a vegitarian, south Indian with unavoidable consumption of rice. My intake is very much less than what was advised. I follow all advices by diabetologist but still having this level of sugar.Wheat products are unable to be digested. I wonder why my doctor did not prescribe me to have oral/ injectible insulin for some time till my sugar levels are brought down. I may cite that my brother also a diabetes, who under went bye pass surgery due to unchecked sugar was administered insulin 50/50 @ 6 units twice daily and was able to return to normal there after he was put on normal diabetes drugs.

  • Are you commercially approaching?

  • If you want to commercialise this site better quit it. I won't call you . You better reply to my question.




  • as per my experiance the diff between sugars is about 70 which looks to ok for me.but why is ur fasting sugar more.pl discuss with good doctor.hba1c 6.9 is not bad definately thins are not very bad.pl tell since when u have sugar and what is age.p chech bp and clorostrol.it may on higher side.you can be better if you act right now.

  • Thanks. I am 71. I caught diabetes at my 56th year and is aware of my condition in full. What I have observed is the fasting which was at 90 or around 100 is gradually increasing as if sedimentation of rejects in a disposal tank in spite of maximum control and proper, periodical check ups and doctor's advices.and glecimic control with A1c at 6.9 around.. How to flush out his excess fasting sugar is what I worry..

  • pl use boiled rice and inform the medicine quantity and the timings.this may help to discuss with my brother who is doctor.pl keep on morning walk.check sugat while u go to bed by glucometer and fasting sugar.

  • Thanks a lot. I was taking acarbose 25mg before migrating to vildagliptin 50mg od. I presume voglibose is also of the same family of acarbose ,but latest.. I will sure try to add voglibose0.2 mg before each meals soon and report to you the results after a month to your e mail.id.

  • RICE is a BIG NO for diabetics ....

  • Doctor i personally as a diabetic have few thumb rules:

    (1) Anythin g WHITE just say NO.

    (2) All veg grown und erground say a big NO except onion, garlic, rhizomes and small qnty of carry and beetroot (good for BP).

    (3) RESTRICT CARBS intake.

    There's no such thing as DIABEITC RICE ... Rice is Rice and it's bad. Desi way of doing OGTT is eat 300 gms of rice. it will give same kick as 100gm glucose :)

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  • You fool. Dont commerce with poor patients. If you sure of cure report it to Indian medical council or FDA of United states for their findings. Next time, if I find you giving your personal ID and contact request , you will be referred to the concerned as a tout.Take from me all concerned. There is no cure at all for permanent recovery from Diabetes.. Big researchers are still investigating for a permanet cure. Don't believe in these touts.

  • Hear Dr. Vinodh .Follow his advices. I am not related to him and I have found his advices are Gems.He is an authority by way of his profession and is offering his expert opinion free, very sincerely. Don't believe in miracle cure offers of the persons who want you to contact them by giving their phone and mobile numbers.They are all Hamburgers.

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