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I am a diabetic patient from 1991.Presently I take two tablets of Gliclazide Modified- Release Tablets ie Glycinorm-OD 60 before breakfast


and metformin 500 one tab each after breakfast,after lunch and after dinner.I take 12 units of Detemir insulin before going to sleep as per the advise of endocrinologist.In addition I take 10 mg of Ramipril tablets and 5 mg of amlodopine tab for blood pressure.My sugar generally shoots up after breakfast.My blood sugar count on 15-9-2013 was: Fasting - 83 mg/dl,2 h after breakfast ie PP was 169mg/dl,2 h after lunch was 137mg/dl and Random test at 7.30 pm was 73 mg/dl.I had three pieces of brown bread with peanut butter,half an apple,one fried egg and tea for breakfast and Rice,Dal,one vegetable,one fish & curd for lunch.Can anybody advise me on this peculiar trend?

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I think your diabetes management is good.But,two points.Think of reducing oral medication by increasing insulin dosage.As far as I know,oral medications have more side effects than insulin.Second,replace one slice of bread with a tomato and introduce mixed boiled spruots in your diet.Please think about these suggestions.

banshakti in reply to Hidden

Thanks.But my main problem is the steep rise in my Blood Sugar level after Breakfast.Thereafter as my chart indicates,it dips low.

Can diabetics use this i am a diabetic since 21 yrs age now is 41. On human mixtard insulin Frn Day 1

Stop eating fruits & you will see improvement from day one.

I do not agree with you.Selected fruits can be eaten and are good for health.This is being told by the Endocrinologists all over the globe.

Hi banshakti,

Thank you for the response & openness. My dear banshakti don't you know that NATURE does not obey anybody other than NATURE & ITS LAWS only? Why only Endocrinologists, EVEN IF ALL DOCTORS OF THE WORLD UNANIMOUSLY TELL, NATURE IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE ITS LAWS OR FOLLOW WHAT HUMANS SAY.

You have the liberty to agree or disagree with the view of me or of anybody else. That is not what matters.

You may please see appropedia.org/Diabetes_mel... My experience with fruits while being diabetic. Then please measure your blood sugar (as you are diabetic) and then eat the fruit of your choice. Then measure blood sugar again at 1 Hr & 2 Hrs. With those values we will continue this discussion.

The proverb "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" was true because those days most of the people were non-diabetic! In the case of Diabetic patients the statement must be "An apple/fruit a day keeps the doctor CLOSEER".

In your case [22 yrs diabetic, 2 tabs before breakfast, Metformin 500 after all three meals, 12 units of Insulin at night, on 15-9-2013 FBS 83mg/dl, 2 Hr PP(BF) 169mg/dl, 2 Hr PP(LU) 137mg/dl, RBS 730 PM 73mg/dl ] my observation is that YOU HAVE VERY HIGH DIABETES, YOUR HbA1C MAY BE (PROBABLY) HIGH TOO and the problem of Breakfast PPBS being high is unambiguously due to the apple intake. Can you not see such an obvious thing? I noted it at the first sight & that is why suggested to "stop taking apple & you will see improvement from day one". Is any expertise required to see such simple, straightforward & obvious thing. Alas!

You said you "had three pieces of brown bread with peanut butter,half an apple,one fried egg and tea for breakfast and Rice,Dal,one vegetable,one fish & curd for lunch". I presume you ate MORE QUANTITY FOR LUNCH THAN FOR BREAKFAST (please correct me if I am wrong); EVEN THEN YOU HAVE LESS PPBS FOR LUNCH THAN B/F!!!

Please respond.

Yes,I had food of larger quantity for lunch.I have found that my sugar rises after breakfast.After lunch it always get lower.My Blood Sugar Fasting this morning was 95.Since I came to office,I could not check my PP.Next time I will check BS apple less and let you know.Thanks anyway for your guidance.

You can reconfirm the effect of apple/fruit by avoiding from breakfast & taking with lunch/supper & measuring PPBS.

Yes,I will

What is Musli?

banshakti in reply to banshakti

I think musli is not good for diabetic people.It is found in any good market.But it is good for energy.

Is tjis honest musli health and energy drink recommended for diabetics ?

But where do I get it from?

Reduce your breakfast to cut down some calories so as to control the blood sugar level.

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