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No Prick Glucometer


Dear Namah, I too got No prick blood Glucose meter 3 days back.

2 Blood sugar readings taken at same time with a gap of a minute shows wide difference. Although first reading is nearer to the reading taken on Accucheck meter. I tried this a few times. Every time readings on the no prick meter has wide variation.

Blood pressure readings are completely wrong.

I am not able to transfer photos of No prick meter & accucheck meter with the actual blood test readings. Please tell me how to do it

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I too get error in repeat first reading is near to my manual readings...

I spoke to them...They asked me to always connect to wifi before taking readings....and if there is a difference , then you may please give them the feedback by sending them the readings- photograph...

They are in the process of updating software on a continuous basis....and our feedback is may be aware that the product is still under Beta stage development ...and they are in the process of refining ..

You can contact them and WhatsApp the images in WhatsApp number

as indicated in the leaflet

+91 95991 70214

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