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Diabetics are Vulnerable to Covid19- Precautions to be taken

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From the data so far, it appears that people with Diabetes tend to get infected easily by Covid19 unless adequate precautions are taken...and especially if the Diabetic is more than 60 years, the risk further increases. While research is not very clear the reason for such vulnerability, but the experts feel that the Diabetic's poor immunity power which puts him in the increased risk bracket. So, let's not get scared, but take all precautions to prevent a covid19 infection. I have gone through various websites such as: WHO, CDC & NHS with regards to the precautions to be taken. I found another website called Diabetes Voice of International Diabetes Federation. It has very comprehensively dealt with the subject, the link of which is attached for your ready reference (See below for details).

Some points highlighted as follows:

(1) Keep your blood sugar under control by frequent checking, diet, and exercise. Take homemade food with varieties of vegetables that include green leafy, low glycemic fruits, Vitamin C supplement and Vitamin D and a B12 supplement if you have a low level... and Multivitamin pills if prescribed by your doctor. However, multivitamin pills may not be required if you are able to take a variety of food. Avoid processed food coming out of a factory. Avoid outside restaurant food and packaged food.

(2) You are under lockdown, so you can not go out for a walk nor can you go to a gym. If you have a treadmill at home, you are lucky or else, you can do physical exercise at home. While looking for a suitable exercise regime, I found a few very interesting links:

(a) Zumba dance : this link was given to me. It's a good one...

(b) There was another good link which I personally liked is the one prepared by Dr. BK Ujjwal : 38 minutes with 7 different musical/devotional songs in Hindi designed by Brahmakumaris and some 18 different postures - all dynamic.. all postures easy to do...

(3) Better know Covid19... What it is? How it spreads? What all you can do so that you minimize the risk of contracting the infection. Please undergo the self assessment/quiz/test posted in my previous post... Will paste the link here also....

(4) Needless to say, the importance of basic hand hygiene, sanitation, self isolation, social distancing- Avoid going near the young ones such as your Grandchildren .. younger ones are very dangerous for you 😊. They will be a symptomatic, still may carry the Covid19 to you.....

(5) Keep stock of diabetic medicines for at least 3 months ....

(6) Type 1's should be extra careful to avoid wide fluctuation of blood sugar. Take your insulin as prescribed...don't go high ... and low is dangerous too... It is a big challenge to remain balanced....

Take care and Stay HealthyπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™




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Don't keep frightening diabetic people. I am a diabetic and over 60. Be positive. You will frightening people to death.

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Most of us are above 60. It is not to frighten you , but to alert you on the available data so far so that we take necessary precautions to prevent an infection...

I have clearly said in the post.... Let us not get scared... But take precautions .. the entire world is taking precautions ... Whether young or old.... but we being diabatic and aged... we need to take extra precautions based upon data so far... πŸ™

It is all about fighting with your own immunity. Keep your immunity boosted up. There is nothing special about CORONA

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Keep your immunity strong!

Diabetics people are always venerable to all problems

Cataract kidneys heart foot damage nerves etc. The corona is another addition to life. Take precautions and live happily

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