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Diabetic , and other complications


I did 3 time test in last 2 month

1st test .ca level 2.82

2nd test after 15 days calcium level 2.72 in other lab

Third test calcium level 2.56

In another lab

Bit D level normal in first test normal in second test lower, again in third test normal, where as since many years my level is very low.

Put is high in all the test

Hemoglobin normal in 2 test lower in second test.

B12 normal stayed always lower and all the test become normal without taking any supplement and medication surprise me How can it be possible?

Where as symptoms are

Extream fatigue,

Excessive urine specially in night every half an hour to 2 hour

Uring pass with stopping takes nearly 5 to 15 minute to empty bladder the flow of urine is not straight

Burning in urine

Burning in urethra

Itcing and pain in anus and many t limes blood dozing from there

Very bad iching

Thae a symptoms goes away and come back deleted my

I never face such conditions before 2018 and till 2009,

Itching on whole body,

Feeling of insect crawling in my body

Extram electric shock like feeling in the co, soar throat

Dry mouth

Dizzy feeling

Distruption of blood flow in life when getting up after seating

Loosing balance

Urine color dark to normal

Stool loose, to hard


Passing stool after each feed

Eyes twitching and planing and iching like electrical shock,

Cough is not going away now 2.5 month

Iching in scalp

Chill feeling

Extream fatigue

Shortness of breath

Andd still blood report Dr given normal

My symptoms and reports are contradictory, I want suggestion from forum what should I do in such contrition?

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Did you get yourself tested for tuberculosis regarding your cough not going away for 2.5 months? Also most of the diabetic conditions are there in your case. Are you on any medication? How is your blood sugar levels? If it is high bring it to normal levels by low carb diet and exercise. Don’t take too much stress and work on each issue one at a time.


Hi Mamamasuma,

When was your last appointment with your doctor? Did you get told to eat a low carb diet? Are you allergic to anything food/medication related?

Thanks for reply

Currantly my sugar went high as I stopped DB medication due to digestion problem was feeling to sick after taking medication vomiting and nausia too so got 9.2 Blood glucose average level but inflammation marker is high

Dr told to meet DB educator but said to wait till my ultrasound of thyroid report come back

Which has not come back yet.

I eat law carb diet my total carb attack is 10- 15 carbs per day.



I think you should go for a comprehensive health check at a reputed hospital.A consultant will advise after seeing the results.

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Which hospital doing that as I ask since long time for health assessment from Drs went in emergency in hospital but they didnt do anything and send me back home telling me u might have entity ask your up to evaluate.


Take Tinaspora cardifolia leaves 4 to 5 on empty stomach in the morning . It is time tested and does not produce any ill effects and is said to balance the three humors . Your symptoms point to excess pittha dosha If there is any doubt visit an ayurvedic specialist to find out dosha prakrithi in your body . In Ayurveda same medicine is not prescribed to all , even if it is diagnosed as diabetes primarily . Diabetes is caused by an imbalance in the prakrithi .Each case differs as to the deficiency of one or two humors .

Medication side effect allergy.

You need allergy test, "Eyes twitching and planing and iching like electrical shock, Feeling of insect crawling in my body and Itching on whole body.

You need to keep a food diary, write every thing that goes into your mouth including reaction any medications and reactions.

Please see a specialist for both allergy and other blood conditions.!!!

Thanks for your reply

Which specialist I can see for blood condition? Endocrinologist or dermatologist?


all the symptoms primarily point to pittha prakrithi

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Can you please explain this to me "pittha prakrithi "

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sandybrown, He says it is "Pittha Dosha" in ayurvedic terminology. As you are aware, ayurveda points out that every disease/disorder is caused because of Vaadha or Pittha or Kapha's imbalances.

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I think I have tridosh, cash, pittal, and cough prakruti.


If you are a Male above the age of 40, please get screened for Enlarged prostate or BPH - Benign prostatic hyperplasia? All your symptoms you have mentioned are consistent with BPH!

There is a simple non invasive test and also through ultrasonography..

Also go for a blood test called prostate-specific antigen (PSA) to rule out prostate cancer...

Also check for KFT , kidney stone through ultrasonography.

Your blood calcium levels - if the unit is mmol/l, nothing to worry.. it is ok..

If you are a female , then please check UTI - Urinary tract infection, bladder infection or kidney function, kidney stone etc etc.

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Every time I check uth infection they says it is normal, kidney blood test normal, I have very much doubt about stone as I have seen stone came out from system after drinking lots of pomogranate juice acc and celery juice.

Still have feeling stone is forming now and than.

You can try boiling the inner stem of a banana plant, wait for it to cool and drinking the boiled water. This has many medial properties, give it a try. If you are living near a farming area you can get it, in UK this is sold in many Asian shops.

You can also cook the flower at the end of the banana bunches as well.

Inner stem of banana plant?

Where can I get?

I get Bananna and banana leaves in grocery store but I don't understand inner stem of plant? Will u please explain?

Banana trunk!

Have a look at this link:


Here it talks about cooking curry. But you can also boil the trunk and drink the cooled water.

It you Google banana trunk you can get a lot of information.

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you area female from southern India ? yo can get banana stem any where in Banglore, Madras or Hydrabad - better yet - small villages for free from farmers.

You have been sick for several years. What is your a1C for last 12 to 18 months - done every 3 months.

Should have taken D3, b12 and calcium supplements

may want to check bone density -- since low in ca and d3..

do you have good health insurance ? check any Mumbai doctor / hospital or go to Gujarat